Abhi takes a stand for Pragya in Kumkum Bhagya!

Abhi can’t digest the poor treatment Pragya is getting in his house!

The upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya will be showing a lot of intense drama and verbal fights. Abhi has noticed how badly Tanu and Aliya treat Pragya. He gets extremely angry after seeing their behaviour towards Pragya. He gets furious and debates with Aliya.

Recently, Abhi has been noticing a change in Aliya’s behaviour towards Pragya. The more Pragya and Abhi got close, the more Aliya would ill treat Pragya. Her attitude towards Pragya has changed ever since Pragya has started outsmarting her. Pragya has been counter tackling all her plans and Aliya doesn’t like it one bit! She has now started treating Pragya like she is someone very irrelevant and worthless.

Abhi on the other hand, can’t digest the fact that Pragya is being treated so badly. Abhi tells Aaliya that her attitude and behaviour has to change. This sequence highlights that now even Abhi has fallen for Pragya and Abhi doesn’t like the fact that she is being demeaned! Pragya has clearly won Abhi’s heart and it is good to see Abhi take a stand for her!