This actor called his EX-wife a ‘Publicity Monger’ and LASHES out at her..!

Things get ugly for this former couple

Breakups and divorces are literally the most heartbreaking thing and especially when it comes to actors, it becomes more wrenching. As that split also affects the several fans who get saddened by it.

However, it is certainly the worst possible case, where a separated couple takes digs at each other through media and things get really ugly. We are talking about actors Nitin Sahrawat and Vaishnavi Dhanraj.

Recently, actress Vaishnavi Dhanraj became the premier member of the news brigade, when in an interview with a website, she revealed the apparently REAL reasons for their failed marriage. She went on to say that Nitin was a wife-beater and that she was a victim of domestic violence. She also said that he would beat her up till her leg bled and this resulted in Vaishnavi get into depression and breaking marriage with him.

And just when people wondered what would Nitin have to say about this, he chose the medium of Facebook to share his views on the whole issue. He went on to write as –

Those are some powerful sentences by Nitin.

We wonder what would Vaishnavi have to say about the same.

Meanwhile, Vaishnavi has replaced actress Tithi Raj in the revamped ‘Khoonkhar – Supercops vs Supervillains.’