Actors, Kinshuk Vaidya and Karanvir Bohra’s social media HACKED!

The Hacker is sharing rather strange posts

Social media can easily be termed to be a double-edged sword, especially for celebrities. While it is a great platform for the celebs to connect with their fans, over-exposure of the same can be rather hazardous.

In the recent history, several actors have had faced the wrath of online fraud, which includes the account being hacked. The latest to be the victim of the same are actors, Karanvir Bohra and Kinshuk Vaidya.

It so happened that there were some unusual posts being shared through Karanvir’s page which took his fans by surprise. Earlier, his handle on Twitter was Karanvir Bohra (@RealKVB) and was then changed to Karanvir Bohra

Not only Karanvir but also Kinshuk Vaidya’s email account has apparently been hacked and his YoutTube account is also suspended.

Karanvir has confirmed about the hack and filed a complaint with Mumbai Cyber Crime cell.

According to an entertainment portal, Karanvir said that the culprit will go behind bars as cyber laws in India have become strict. He furiously said that some people need to have a life of their own and stop pulling out such cheap tactics. He has also contacted Twitter directly and has lodged a complaint about the same.

When it comes to Kinshuk, he found out only yesterday, that his email account has been hacked. His Youtube account was suspended because of the hacker’s attempts and the actor woke up to multiple notifications about password resets.

He said that he was doing a live session with fans on the day Ek Rishta Saajhedari Ka wrapped up. And he was really upset that the video disappeared because of the hacker.