“Bandook ki goli aur kanoon boli”: Everything you need to know about Agnifera!

Ankit Gera, Yukti Kapoor and Simran Kaur spill details about their new show

Agnifera is & TV’s latest venture.

The upcoming show revolves around two dabangg female protagonists, Ragini and Srishti caught in a love triangle with Anurag, played by Ankit Gera. Yukti Kapoor and the ‘Anamika’ actress Simran Kaur will be seen playing interesting, colourful roles.

In a chat with India Forums, the three actors revealed details about their roles.

Here’s how it went –
On his long absence and comeback to TV, Ankit Gera talked about waiting for the right role, “This role is very different from what I have done before. Anurag is a very interesting character, worth waiting for”.

When asked whether having strong female leads will dull his sparkle, he gave a gist of his character, “Anurag is an NRI. I feel lucky with two women pursuing me. And, I think I cannot lose my sparkle because all Ragini and Srishti want is me! (hahah) So I don’t think I’m losing out on anything here.”

Yukti Kapoor who was last seen in Siya Ke Ram’ spoke about how playing Ragini will be a huge turning point. “Ragini is this bold, bindaas girl. She does most of her talking with a gun. It’s a fresh character and I had to take workshops to learn the way she speaks. I think my character is going to be good for the female viewers since she’s strong.”

Joining the actors will be Simran who will play Shristi. Her character is a quite a contrast with Ragini.

She says “I will be playing a lawyer – a confident and smart woman who is also dabangg. My character promotes women empowerment. She practices law in an orthodox society. It’s a very balanced, level-headed character who is badass and sweet at the same time.”

We think the contrast between the two female leads is interesting.

While Yukti puts it as “Banduk ki goli aur kanoon ki boli”, Simran states “Both have a unique flavour. Shristi is far more simplistic. She’s traditional, woh rishton ko nibhaana jaanti hai.”

Agnifera airs on March 20 on & TV. We cannot wait to see how it pans out. What do you think