#BB10:The TRUTH about Akanksha Sharma’s failed marriage with Yuvraj’s brother REVEALED..!

Here’s the other side of the story as per the apparent allegations mentioned on the divorce papers.

‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ is just a week old and has already managed to garner eyeballs,courtesy the controversial lives of the contestants. However, this time there is a twist to it. While in every other season, there are celebrity contestants, who have a controversy attached to themselves, this time the concept is about commoners meeting celebrities. And since the announcement of the list of names of the commoners, controversies are just getting bigger and bigger.

After Swami Om ji Sharma and Manu Punjabi being the centre of controversies so far, the latest to hit the brigade is none other than commoner contestant, Akanksha Sharma. The actress, soon after entering the house made some ‘REVELATIONS’ about her failed marraige with cricketer Yuvraj Singh’s younger brother, Zorawar Singh.

Amongst all the other things, the talks that caught the ears were about how, apparently,the whole family accompanied Zorawar and Akanksha to their honeymoon and even forced her to have a child.

However, according to a leading news daily, the details about Zorawar-Akanksha’s DIVORCE papers have now been revealed.

If reports are to be believed; here are the nine points that highlight the OTHER side to this story;-

1. The divorce is still pending and there is NO DOWRY involved.

The duo got married in February 2014 and filed for a divorce in April 2015. Apparently, the papers clearly state that “no dowry was taken” and Zorawar’s family did not accept any gifts or cash.

2. Akanksha Sharma was skeptical to have a ‘PHYSICAL’ relationship with Zorawar.

Contradictory to Akaksha’s claims on the show, the couple had their honeymoon in Goa, Dubai and Malaysia where she remained reluctant to indulge in a physical relationship with Zorawar. Apaprently, she even forced him to shift to Gurugaam, where her parents resided.

3. Akanksha was addicted to drinks and drugs.

According to Zorawar, Akanksha became a late-night-party person and got indulged in alcohol and drugs. It is also mentioned that the Singh family tried to control her, which got Akanksha angry.

4. Due to mental trauma, Zorawar and her mother were even taken to the hospital.

5. Akanksha refused to visit a marriage counsellor.

6. Akanksha’s demands became never-ending and were out of control.

Owing to her lifestyle becoming a lavish and carefree one, apparently, her financial needs kept increasing with every passing day. And if not fulfilled, she would create problems.

7. She threatened Zorawar of killing herself.

8. Apparently, her own parents became helpless.

Akanksha’s own parents became helpless about their daughter after she started disrespecting them.

9. The final point include that Akanksha posted indecorous pictures to insult the family.

These nine points are the apparent allegations in the divorce papers presented by Zorawar.

With these pointers out and Akanksha Sharma’s stint in ‘Bigg Boss Season 10’ now gaining attention, it would be interesting to see if she will be revealing some more points and clarifying about how much of these points are true!