#BiggBossRankings: This week’s rankings have some major unexpected TWISTS

On the basis of entertainment, standing up against wrong-doing, maintaining calm demeanour, we rank the Top 10 contestants for this week.

The only way to actually rank and justify the absolute mayhem in the Bigg Boss Season 11 house this week is to not have the quintessential ranking that we usually follow for all the contestants.

I, as a viewer have never seen a more negative and depressing week in the show’s history and you can imagine I am saying that even after witnessing episodes which consisted the likes of Raja Chaudhry, Dolly Bindra and even Armaan Kohli in the past.

Not to be ‘proud’ about, this week supersedes all that madness and that’s why we have decided to give the rankings this week a twist.

This week, in a way, was all about two teams pitted against each other in the fights, tasks and even normal conversations.

So, we are assigning captains for both teams where one would be Shilpa Shinde and the other (you may have guessed it already) is Hina Khan.
And hence, let’s have a look at who belonged to which team and who was the better one-
As clear as it gets, Luv was certainly an ardent Team Hina Khan member and that’s not only because he is friends with her. But, for the first time (even though it was forced), we saw Luv taking a stand against several housemates. Of course, it couldn’t seem more fake, but nevertheless, he qualifies being a devotee to Team Hina Khan.
Arshi’s love-hate relationship with Shilpa is actually one of the best things to watch in the show, where this week they were seen bonding amazingly. For a change, Arshi would even listen to Shilpa at several intervals and hence, here’s an important member of Team Shilpa Shinde.
Priyank Sharma may have gotten over his rule-breaking habit in the show, but he seems to have lost the plot a bit too. Even though, a clear member of Team Hina Khan, he was seen picking on Vikas Gupta for no reason as such. Manipulated by Hina? Can certainly be.
Akash Dadlani was the troublemaker in the house during that day of mayhem and he took constant shots from Priyank, Luv and Benafsha Soonawalla. Positive or negative? That’s a rather subjective thing for this man as his apparent comments on a woman (due to which the whole fight began) were somehow never clear. But, his entertainment and energy cannot be ignored, where he agreed to give his Egg Vote to Sabyasachi Satpathy on Shilpa’s request. There cannot be a more devoted member to Team Shilpa Shinde.

The one who felt that it’s about time I am actually SEEN on the screen after constant remarks, Benafsha went totally crazy and was punished for snatching Akash’s hair. While, she may not have completely been a Hina Khan follower per se, she truly is Team Hina Khan.
We decided to put them together as (it’s kinda obvious, isn’t it?) they have literally done everything in the house together this week and even though those secret footages are not so secretive, they are the partially active members in Team Shilpa Shinde.
In a house where there is so much going around, it would be a talent to stay inactive and that’s what Mehjabi Siddiqui did. Even though she gave some flickers, she was once again, ABSENT in all the ways possible. Only because of her vocal confession of hatred towards Hina and obvious support towards Shilpa, she gets to be a member of Team Shilpa Shinde.
Out Of The Race
After having the most amazing couple of early weeks, Sapna Choudhary hasn’t managed to get any of that energy back and this week was another indicator of the same. Be it the luxury budget task or the fights, Sapna was inactive except when she was the sanchalak of Captaincy task. With a mixture of negative and positive moments, Sapna managed to stay neutral this week.
The latest captain on the block, Sabyasachi Satpathy is turning out to be a real underdog now as he won the unanimous support of the house and became the new captain. Even though Hina tried to manipulate him by telling how ‘dissapointed’ she is in him, he did not pay too much heed to that and continued his general way of living. Managing to stay neutral inspite of being friends with people on Team Hina is a feat for sure and Shaggy Da did that.
Some may debate on how Hiten Tejwani should be in Team Hina Khan, but it is exactly due to his neutrality that he is not a part of Team Hina. While, Priyank, Luv and others are easily manipulated by Hina’s strategies, Hiten has been aloof inspite of being friends with all of them. He did commit a mistake of listening to others and breaking the rule in luxury budget task, but otherwise he is still the most loved and respected in the house.

The Exception
It cannot be Vikas Gupta, if he hasn’t done something out of the box, isn’t it? Vikas is the only member of the house who was a part of both the teams at different intervals. Even though, we can say he was obviously a Team Shilpa Shinde guy for the maximum portion (yes, we are as surprised as you are), he did have some moments with Team Hina members during the luxury budget task.

The Captains

The number of members in both teams may differ in their own senses, but Shilpa Shinde as the captain is clearly the winner here as she was the silent one in several ways. She did not force people to follow her and neither did she run an obvious group. The people who were with her were purely our of their will send after a forgettable week last time, Shilpa Shinde makes a positive comeback.

Manipulative, cunning, jealous and the one who constantly hinders in everything; Hina Khan has still managed to have a sort of group with her. But, she is easily the biggest hypocrite in the show right now where she slams Vikas for mind games and probably does that the most. She takes a stand about Benafsha and talks ill about her on camera anyway. She gossips about Puneesh and Bandgi about how their parents will be disappointed to see their intimacy and mocks and simulates the same with Priyank later. Hina Khan has a problem ewith everything going on in the house and her vocal sympathy may not be of much use to her. She really needs to think what she is doing or this is going down the well for her.

Even though, we made this exception of having a team ranking this week, we will be back with the usual rankings next week given the house doesn’t force us to innovate.

What do you have to say about the same?