BREAKING: Parth Samthaan goes the LEGAL way against Vikas Gupta

The Parth Samthaan, Vikas Gupta and Gauri Arora controversy takes an ugly turn.

Controversies don’t end for Parth Samthaan. The actor who is all set to debut with Subhash Singh’s film Googly Ho Gayi, is being dragged from time to time into multiple of controversies. First it was regarding his relationship and molestation charges’ against Vikas Gupta. And now it is his alleged relationship with Gauri Arora (previously Gaurav Arora).

After many parties were involved in the mess and many fingers were pointed, a new controversy has now gripped this mudslinging episode.

Parth, backed by the producer of his debut film Subhash Singh, has filed a defamation case against Vikas Gupta and a leading news daily for trying to defame the actor. The case on the leading news daily has been filed because it published an interview from Gauri which hinted at Parth being the mystery guy who broke her heart badly.

We got in touch with Subhash Singh who told us the complete story, “Parth is my film Googly Ho Gayi’s hero. He previously worked in Vikas’ show Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan, but the duo were not on talking terms due to some non-payment of issues and Vikas also threatened Parth that he would throw him out of the industry and destroy his career. Parth has even filed a complaint at the Versova Police station regarding the same. Vikas did not relent and continued to bother Parth. He then used Gauri as a puppet and started spreading rumors of Parth and Gauri dating etc etc. After Gauri’s interview’ in Bombay Times, we filed a case against the newspaper, Gauri and Vikas after which Gauri called me up and apologised. She said that she did not want an innocent’s name to be framed. She fessed up that Vikas had asked her to frame Parth in a rape case so that he would go behind the bars and his revenge would be fulfilled. He also promised Gauri a big show and lots of money.”

“But Gauri’s self conscience did not agree to Vikas’ malicious plans as she wanted no part in ruining an innocent’s life and career. She begged me to help her. We then met up with Gauri and took her to the police station where she confessed all that Vikas had said to her. Gauri has also confessed that she now fears for her life from Vikas Gupta,” said Subhash

The case is getting more and more complicated day by day with more angles erupting every day. We just hope that the issues are sorted quickly and the concerned parties go their respective ways peacefully.