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Code Red

Code Red Watch online Code Red attempts to understand and highlight human weaknesses amidst the daily struggles of life, and how people react to situations beyond their control. The show, through different perspectives, helps in showcasing the steps that people are likely to take when they are pushed into a corner and such situations where a breakdown is imminent.

Arjun gives the good news to Ishwar about Chakor’s courage still being strong and she agreed to take part in the running competition. Ishwar is glad and thanks Arjun for his help. Arjun says his sister Kangan made him change his mind. Vivaan tells Baa that he is annoyed with Chakor, she did not tell me anything. Baa smiles and says Chakor is not talking to you, as she does not want you to get scolded. Bhaiya ji’s mobile gets off while he was on important call. He asks all his servants to get phone diary and they fail to do so being illiterate. Chakor reboots his phone and Bhaiya ji is shocked as she shows it working.

Bhaiya ji sees this and gets angry. Baa and Vivaan look on. He lifts Chakor by her hair and asks how dare she touch his phone. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that she did reboot. Bhaiya ji laughs and asks is he illiterate to believe him. Tejaswini comes and asks what happened. Bhaiya ji asks her to come, as Chakor is fooling them by using English words, she made my phone fine and said she has done reboot. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji laugh. Baa says we have someone educated here in this haveli. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor the meaning. Chakor says the meaning to remove battery and put it back.

Vivaan claps and says Chakor said it right. They get tensed seeing Chakor’s smartness and try to limit it by making her do all the work. Chakor asks for a prize and Bhaiya ji agrees. She asks for milk and he laughingly asks her to drink as much she can. Chakor drinks the whole milk in utensil and recalls Arjun’s words to keep good health and also practices. Imli sells the medicines for money. The people buy the medicines and she gets money. She is glad and Dadi blesses her. Imli comes to know from Kasturi that she gave wrong medicines to people and worry that they will beat her. Kasturi gets worried and makes right medicines all night and gives the people by apologizing. They forgive them and bless.

Bhaiya ji for a meeting and forgets PAN card. Tejaswini asks Lakhan to go to Bhaiya ji and give it. He says I can’t go, I did not bring my bike. She says its important to send this. Chakor says I can run faster than Lakhan’s bike, I will catch the car. Tejaswini does not allow Chakor, and sends Lakhan on someone else’s bike. Lakhan does not reach soon, and Bhaiya ji calls Tejaswini asking for PAN number. She says she does not remember it. Chakor hears this and says she heard Bhaiya ji once telling the number to his friend and she has memorized it. She tells the right number to Bhaiya ji, and Tejaswini gets angry on her.

Tejaswini says Chakor’s smartness is not good for my health, take this and mix it in milk. Ragini tells her about Suraj and Vivaan’s bet. Tejaswini asks her to drink a glass of milk. Girja says the milk is over. Chakor says I have drank the milk. They are shocked. Bhaiya ji says its fine if she had it, and asks her to go. Bhaiya ji says her weapon is her mind, increase her work. Chakor is made to work more harder and is given just one roti to eat. Aditya calls Chakor and she tells about not getting food in haveli. He tells her about his next book on her life and titled Udaan. Tejaswini scolds Aditya and Chakor. Girja asks Chakor to empty the well by pulling out water in the bucket. Chakor gets tired.

Aditya talks to media and tells about his next story subject, Chakor. He tells about Aazaadgunj, and the landlord has made everyone bandhua, and has taken Chakor mortgaged when she was in her mum’s womb and was given to the landlord when she became seven year old. He asks the media to find out if they see any connection with his story to real Aazaadgunj and Kamal Narayan. Bhaiya ji gets a call from party senior who says you are getting famous, its shame, see the tv. Bhaiya ji checks the news and is shocked seeing Aditya telling about Chakor, who will punish the devil of Aazaadgunj, Chakor is the name of Kranti, and I kept the name of my new book ‘Udaan’.

They all get after Bhaiya ji and he starts facing problems because of Chakor. He goes Delhi to attend party meeting, where his election ticket is now depending on Chakor and the survey done in Aazaadgunj. Chakor makes Sheru run out, and says she will catch him. She practices running in free land outside the haveli. Bhaiya ji comes back and tells Tejaswini what happened there. Tejaswini says if we disappear Chakor, they won’t know Aditya is talking about this Chakor. She asks principal to go to kids. He gives the letter to Bhaiya ji from sports authority of India, as they are asking about Chakor’s admission in school. They get shocked. She then tears the letter and says she has solved the problem, and inform them that no Chakor ever existed in Aazaadgunj. What will Chakor do now? Keep reading.

Colors Hindi Tv Serials

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat Watch online Colors today announced the advent of a new journey by taking viewers one step closer to Indian history with Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat.

Written by author Ashok Banker, who is making his comeback to television after nearly two decades, Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat is the first time that the king’s story will be narrated on television. The show is being produced by Contiloe Entertainment.

Chakor addresses the villagers and says educating is not a good thing, as they are born as bonded labor and will end their lives with this status. Ishwar is freed by Bhaiya ji and rushes to stop Chakor from giving wrong statements to villagers. Chakor cleverly inspires people by showing what education can benefit them, but asks them not to touch education. She says don’t think to study and freely breath, we will do what Bhaiya ji asks us to do, our work is to serve them, if anyone thinks to fly like me, they will have chains like me. Ishwar comes there running and hugs Chakor. She says I m very happy seeing you free.

He asks did she not trust him. She says I trust you a lot, but I don’t care if I have to stay in cage, as you have to be free and teach many others to fly. He sees the chains and cries. Lakhan’s son sees the A written and writes A. Ishwar turns and is stunned seeing this. He says I did not know what did Chakor tell the villagers, but I feel she told something that I can see courage to fly in them. Ishwar asks them to educate themselves and get free from bonded labor. Bhaiya ji comes there and argues with Ishwar. Bhaiya ji says they all are my pet dogs and loyal to me, power makes us control anyone and do anything.

Prabhakar says law is not deaf, law will reach you soon. Bhaiya ji says they are my people, they have cheated me. He shoots at a man’s leg and takes Imli. Imli says she will be away from education, its very bad thing. Kasturi cries. Chakor says she will wipe the words. Baa stops her and encourages her to fly high. Baa taunts Bhaiya ji and he scolds her asking her to leave. Chakor says I can’t reach the moon, and moon can’t reach it. Vivaan says you can’t limit your Udaan, I will let you free. Baa says we have to do something that Chakor flies again.

Kasturi ties the Lord’s blessings chunni to the tree and prays for Chakor and her flight to never stop. The bird flies towards the moon, and Kasturi sees it and smiles. She thanks the Lord and says I completely trust you. She says always protect my Chakor, save her from this problem. Imli says Chakor said we can erase poverty by education. Kasturi says education is very helpful. Tejaswini and Bhaiya ji see Chakor working and doing maid work and are very happy, and have pity on Vivaan whose efforts gave failed. Ishwar meets Arjun and tells everything that caged Chakor.

Arjun says I m sorry, this is your and Chakor’s fight, I can’t help you. Arjun talks to his handicapped sister Kangan and says about Ishwar, and he did not listen to him. She says Ishwar with whom Chakor stayed. Ishwar tells Aditya that he spoke to Arjun, and he don’t feel Arjun will help them. Ishwar gets a fax from office and reads it. He gets a call from Arjun. Arjun says I have sent a fax. Ishwar says yes, I m reading it. Arjun says send me reply, I will send it to sports authority of india, and they will find her, I m with you in this fight. Ishwar is very happy. Arjun says someone has opened my eyes and sees Kangan.

Chakor tells Baa that she gave promise to Bhaiya ji that she won’t touch education. Baa asks her to do something that Bhaiya ji takes her to education himself. Bhaiya ji comes and asks whats pravachan is going on, and whats Chakor doing here. Chakor says I came to clean the room and Baa was telling me Bapu’s story, which I did not understand. Bhaiya ji asks Manohar to learn something from Ranjana. Ranjana says if you both bless me, I will do more good work, as I have serving people in my blood. Bhaiya ji says I m feeling for the first time that you are Girdhari lal’s daughter, who is great politician, and I came to know that he is giving ticket to someone. Ranjana says I m standing in next elections from Aazaadgunj.

Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini spit the tea being shocked. Bhaiya ji notes down the candidates names. His pen falls and he asks Chakor to get it. Chakor refuses and he insists angrily. She says she has promised him that she won’t touch education. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini that its headache that Ranjana is against us, the party leaders are praising us for allowing Ranjana in politics. Arjun talks to Chakor and says he made big plans for her, and she failed. Chakor stops Vivaan and says she promised she will not touch education, but she did not fail, and you know Chakor can never fail. Vivaan is shocked, and she winks to him smiling. Arjun and Vivaan get happy to know Chakor did not lose her courage. What will Chakor do now to bring education close to her? Keep reading.