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Anandi gives birth to twins in Balika Vadhu

Anandi is proud to see Shiv getting the honor. Chief Minister addresses to the people and remembers Shiv. He praises Shiv and says he was honest, great and a leader. He sacrificed his life for the nation. Home Minister says Govt has decided to honour Shiv with the prestigious Rajastan Ratna Award and asks his family to come and take the award. nandi holds Amol’s hand and go on the stage. Anandi tells that she can understand the pain of a soldier’s wife. She tells that she wasn’t scared when she asked Shiv to go. Anandi says she has to accept this bitter truth and she gets labor pains. She asks every woman to gather to help Anandi deliver her kids. The ladies ask Anandi to take a heavy breath. Anandi is in pain.

Amol worries for Anandi. Anandi deliver her twins. Anandi looks at her babies with happiness. She says Shiv has come. Daddu says we have to inform Kalyani ji. He calls Dadisaa and informs her about Anandi getting blessed with a boy and girl. Everyone get happy and congrats Dadisaa. Anandi feels his presence and thanks him. She says we miss you very much. She says they don’t have your memories. They have to spend their lives seeing your pic. Daddu gets pain to hear that. Dadisaa talk to the Principal and says they don’t have to sing. He says you can do any other thing. Dadisaa says drama. The Principal asks Dadisaa not to let him down. Amol plays with his siblings. Anandi asks him to do the home work.

Dadisaa tells Jagya about choosing drama over singing. She gets worried and wonders what to do now. Daddu says one thing is sure, these babies have Shiv’s qualities and Anandi’s intelligence. Anandi gets teary eyed and looks at Shiv’s photo. Alok blesses the babies. Anoop brings gold bracelets for the babies and says he is their grandfather. Dadisaa asks have you decided about the kids’ names. Anandi says Shiv had decided before his death, Shivam and Nandini. Dadisaa gets happy hearing their names and says you shall keep these names. Dadisaa tells her friends about the play.

Nandu comes and gives the script of the play saying Niranjan gave it. Dadisaa tells her friends that Nandu’s father will help us enact the play. Her friend says who will take up the role of Panna Tai. Nandu asks her to become Panna Tai. Anandi gets a call from orphanage and gets worried. She goes there to find out. The warden asks Anandi, do you think that parents have the first authority on children. Anandi says yes. A couple comes there. Warden introduces them as Amol’s biological parents. She says they want to take Amol back with them. Anandi gets shocked. Later on, Daddu tells Anandi that they are claiming to be Amol’s parents.

Anandi says they are lying and scolds them for coming to her house. Anandi hugs Amol and gets possessive. Daddu comes downstairs with Anandi. Anandi says no one can separate me and my love from Amol. She says her love for Amol will never be less from her heart. She says he is my twin babies’ elder brother. She says Amol is my son, only mine. Amol’s real mother pleads to Anandi to let go Amol with them. Dadisaa practices the Panna Tai’s play. Jagya asks her to read the dialogues properly. She says she has to go to Udaipur tomorrow.

Amol’s father tells them how he has lost Amol in a fair. He thanks Anandi for adopting Anandi even after knowing that he is handicapped boy. Now he got fine because of your care. Amol’s parents request her to return their Raju. Anandi is shocked and teary eyed. Anandi reminds Amol that they brought him from the orphanage. Subhadra tells Amol that the couple is his real parents. They start kissing Amol and hug him. Amol asks them to leave him. He questions Anandi. She says they are your parents. She asks him to go with him. Amol refuses and hugs her saying you are my mother and no one else. Anandi cries.

Anandi explains to Amol that his parents waited for him since 10 years. Amol says this is my family. Anandi says we all love you and will always love you. She says you have responsibility towards your parents. Amol cries. She asks him to think about his parents. Amol says how will I stay without you. Anandi says whenever you need me, I will come to you. Amol’s mother says he was our son, but now we have realized that he is your son now. I can’t separate a child from his mother. She says I would not have given love like you. She says our Raju is very lucky to have Yashoda in his life. Amol’s parents say they will leave. Anandi invites them for her children naming ceremony.

Amol’s father says if we come again, then we may change our decision. Amol’s mother says we will come later to know about his studies and to see how he is feeling you proud. Dadisaa thinks about Nandu and Jagya asking her to read the lines carefully. She thinks about her seniors laughing on her. Alok and Anoop still have differences and the family gets worried. What will Anandi do to end their differences? Keep reading.

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Life OK

Alka and Vrinda plan to make Astha admit the truth of her pregnancy. Rohan asks Alka did Astha tell anything. Alka says no, I was standing outside her room, but she did no say, I m feeling bad to play this games. Rohan says we should explain her in her way, but why is Astha insecure, she has everything. He gets Shastri ji’s call and says he called us, about annulment matter. They reach Sareen home and meet everyone. Rohan gives the annulment papers. Rajat says stop wasting time, I won’t sign, and not even Anu. Alka says Anu has already signed on it. Rajat is shocked and says no, you both are lying, she can’t sign, you are saying so that I sign on it. He asks Minty is this her idea.

Minty says see Anu’s sign. Rajat takes the papers and sees Anu’s signs. Rohan says its Anu’s decision, no one forced her. Rajat refuses to sign and leaves. Neil calls his friend Bobby and asks him to see the girl passing by him. Bobby sees Devyaani. Neil says she is the one, I will tell you what to do, first send something in her praising, then trouble her, I will save her to make an impression, Bobby agrees and starts sending flirty chits to Devyaani. He compliments her and she starts liking his letters. Rajat makes Anu get the job by recommending her, so that he can meet her. He thinks he knows Anu has signed papers, but she still loves me.

Anu thinks its tough to get away from Rajat, but she has to do this job, maybe it can help her in coming out of his memories. Shastri ji feels unwell and faints on the road infront of a car. A guy Veer comes to him and asks uncle are you fine. He takes him to hospital and Anu comes there. She thinks he did his accident, and scolds him. The doctor comes and praises Veer to get Shastri ji on time. Shastri ji says yes, he has left his work for me. Anu thanks Veer and he starts liking her. She takes her dad home and forgets her purse. Veer keeps it and smiles. Bhatia sees Anu working very well. He messages Rajat.

Anu tells him that she made all notes. He says I m impressed with your job, its perfect. He says defense officers are coming for evaluation, to know how they are committed to work, you make them notes as well. Anu says fine. He gets a call and says fine, send him. Rajat comes and looks at Anu. Rajat greets her and she is shocked. She makes notes for him, and he teases her. She asks is he going through any stress recently. Rajat says yes, my wife has left me, you tell me, am I bad. She says maybe she has left you for her own bad things.

Rajat jokes and my wife is very nice, please make me fine, since my wife has gone, I m staying in depression. She says I m sorry, I m not doctor, I m intern, I can’t help you. Alka scares Astha and makes her admit that she is not pregnant. The family gets against Astha and Astha plans revenge on Alka. Rajat is irritated by much horns by the car behind him. Minty asks him not to fight with anyone. He is shocked its Veer, his college friend and hugs him. They both are very happy and Minty smiles seeing Rajat happy after a long time. Bobby calls Devyaani in college library and she goes to meet the guy to know who is he.

Bobby says the shayari and flirts with her. She asks who is he. He says I know everything about you, and I know you want to know about me, you started liking me right. He starts molesting her and she cries. Neil calls her and she shouts for help. Neil reaches the place and saves Devyaani. Rohan shows Veer’s pic to Shastri ji. Shastri ji asks is this Veer, he took me to hospital and Anu scolded him. Alka says its coincidence, maybe its Lord’s sign to say yes to him. Shastri ji says I like him, take talk ahead. Alka says we should talk to Anu once. Shastri ji says yes, but don’t know how to start. Veer comes to meet Shastri ji and returns Anu’s purse. Anu comes there drying her hair and Veer sees her.

Veer’s mum sees Anu’s pic and likes her. Veer says I have also seen one, you reject her, when you meet my choice, you will like her. They bet about Anu not knowing its Anu they both are talking about. Astha starts troubling Rohan financially and hurts Alka. Rajat makes Anu agree to meet him, and is glad that she is coming to meet me. He feels Anu still loves me. Anu says we have to get separated and asks him to sign the annulment papers. Rajat gets sad and shocked. What will Rajat do to unite with Anu? Will Anu agree to marry Veer? Keep reading.

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Chakor and Bhaiya ji team up to win elections in Udaan

Bhaiya ji comes in the Saraswati puja in middle of Aazaadgunj village and talks to all villagers. Bhaiya ji says I have come here to do a promise. Bhaiya ji says Maa Saraswati is idol is education, art and music. He says everyone has right to study. Bhaiya ji says education opens door of prosperity, and we get chance to go ahead in life. He says the importance of education. He says everyone should get this chance. Bhaiya ji says all village kids will go to school and take a flight towards education, but this will happen when I win elections, when you give your valuable vote to me. Chakor asks him to promise and gives her hand.

Bhaiya ji promises her holding her hand. Ranjana comes and sees this. She asks Lakhan’s wife Kishori about it, and says Bhaiya ji is acting, he will not educate the village kids, I m part of his house, he will ruin them after winning elections. Kishori decides to support Ranjana. Bhaiya ji asks Lakhan to paste his and Chakor’s poster everywhere. Ishwar comes there and is shocked seeing Chakor pic on the poster with Bhaiya ji. Chakor says if he does not win, we won’t get education, promise now. She makes them vow that they will give vote to Bhaiya ji. Ishwar comes there and is shocked. Chakor is glad seeing him.

Chakor says everything is fine here. Ishwar says no, you know Bhaiya ji is bad and you are supporting him, and taking vows from everyone to vote him, why are you doing this, this is not Chakor who was in Lucknow, how did you change. She says I did not change. Bhaiya ji has changed, and I will get benefit if we give them vote. Ishwar says Bhaiya ji can lose to Ranjana. Chakor says if he wins, we will go to school. Ishwar says you won’t understand this election ideas, they make wrong promises. Chakor says she will support Bhaiya ji. He explains her and asks how can he trust Bhaiya ji, who kidnapped her in Lucknow, chained her legs, you will regret Chakor, he will not send anyone to school after winning elections. Bhaiya ji comes to Ishwar and taunts him. He asks why does he want to become the bandhua’s savior. Ishwar says fake promises, sweet talk, you fooled Chakor by it, but I won’t let you win this election.

Ishwar says I m the election officer and says he did a crime that he came inside without permission and his nomination can be denied. Chakor says I know Ishwar, he is very adamant. He says Chakor has managed everything, else Ishwar would have cancelled my nomination to take revenge. Bhaiya ji talks to Ranjana and she says she is glad that he accepts her as competitor. Manohar asks Ranjana to be in her limit, and she scolds him. Chakor supports Bhaiya ji and argues with Ranjana in the village. She does his campaign in the village.

Ranjana says Bhaiya ji and I are different, he thinks he is your owner, and I regard you all my family. Chakor says no, you don’t regard us yours. She tells the villagers everything. ok bath saying they are animals. Chakor says we don’t trust you that you will get education for us. Ranjana says fine, if I said anything in anger, it does not mean I won’t get education for you all, if you all think Bhaiya ji is good and I m bad, then take his test. She says just one night, he has to be here in this village, else you all have to vote for me. Chakor agrees and tells the condition to Bhaiya ji.

Bhaiya ji says one night in village, I can’t stay there for one hour. He scolds Chakor and asks them to take her away. Manohar calms him down and says he will do anything to make him win. Ishwar says power does not work all the time, when Ishwar stands infront of you. Ranjana invites Ishwar for lunch and he meets Chakor. He says he did not change, and she thinks she is just making wrong people do right work, and did not change too. Chakor supports Bhaiya ji. She tells everyone to vote for Bhaiya ji and make him win.

Chakor says Bhaiya ji has promised this. Bhaiya ji says yes I will fulfill my promise to send all kids to school, give me vote and get good future. Bhaiya ji feels tensed as Ranjana is giving him good competition and agrees to her condition. Bhaiya ji hides and goes to the village in disguise. Everyone meet him in village. Ranjana asks Ishwar to come with him to village, as its wrong to campaign one day before, I think you should file case on him.

The villagers treat Bhaiya ji well and Chakor supports him. Ranjana brings Ishwar there. Everyone is shocked seeing Ishwar. Ranjana says its illegal to ask votes one day prior to elections, or to impress them, giving them money, or scaring them, its against the rules. Ishwar says if this is proved right, your name will be removed from nominations and you can’t contest for elections. What will the villagers do to support Bhaiya ji and Chakor? Keep reading.

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Anu signs the annulment papers in Shastri Sisters

Sareen gets angry on Minty knowing she has made Shastri ji’s state so bad by her bitter words and insult infront of everyone in the Lohri function. She says I did not know he will get heart attack, I got angry and the matter went ahead. Sareen says don’t lie, the people are pointing on us again, my friend is fighting with death, and the girls can lose their dad. He says you made Rajat get engaged to Devyaani just for your ego. Minty says Devyaani made Neil commit suicide. She cries and defends herself. Sareen scolds her and says all wrong things are in you. She says fine, you don’t need me, just tell me once, I will leave you. He asks her to get out, leave him, go and die. She goes to her room and locks the door.

Rajat holds Anu and pacifies her tears. He asks whats the matter, you look tensed after meeting uncle, is he fine. Anu wipes her tears and says yes. Minty says no one needs me and messages Rajat. She goes to hand herself, and Sareen and Neil save her. Rajat comes home and Neil tells him about Minty’s suicide attempt. Rajat holds her hand and asks what does she want. Minty says I want my family back, I want Sareen and my sons to love only me, and not go after Shastri family. Rajat says why do you feel I don’t love you. Minty says if I refused you to marry Anu, you would still marry her right. Rajat says if I knew this, that you are hurt so much by this, then I would have not done this.

Minty says refuse to Anu now. Rajat thinks how will he tell this to Anu, and asks her to meet him. Anu tells Rajat that she will love him forever and she will never marry him. She says its time to separate and removes the mangalsutra. She gives it to him. She says I m sorry Rajat, it will be good if you accept it soon. Minty tells Rajat that she knows he is hurt, but he will soon realize this decision to break marriage was right. Rajat disagrees and says I have one more decision which I will take, if I don’t marry Anu, I will never marry anyone. They get shocked. Minty meets Shastri ji and taunts him. Minty says lawyer said when guy and girl did not stay together as husband and wife, then annulment is enough, and then you can find any rich guy for your daughter, just spare my son.

Rohan says Anu and Rajat will not claim any rights after annulment. Rajat thinks how can they do this, I won’t let this happen. Shastri ji says start the process. Rajat says no, how can you decide so soon. Rajat tries to stop them, but Rohan asks him to leave. Neil lies to Anu about Rajat’s accident and takes her to Rajat, Rajat is restless in his room, and says how can uncle do this, love is imp in life, Anu loves me, does she know this marriage is going to end, no else she would have called me, but she should know this. We should be adamant that we won’t break marriage. Rajat tells Anu that they are saying the marriage can get annulled if husband and wife did not unite, why don’t we unite to save our love and marriage, this is the only way to save our love, and our families can’t separate us after this.

Rajat holds her face and gets closer. She closes her eyes and he goes ahead to kiss her. She recalls Shastri ji’s words and her promise. She pushes Rajat away and says no Rajat, this is wrong. He asks wrong? We are husband and wife Anu. She says no, please forgive me, I can’t do this. He holds her hand and says this is not wrong, this is the only way to save our love, please, I love you. he says dad will be worried, please. He leaves her hand and cries saying you still care for your family, not me and my love, you did not think once, your no can make me feel cheap.

Anu says its not like that. He says shut up, I was a fool to think you will support me, I realize its you who always failed our love, this love does not deserve that you save it. He says today you have proved how much you love me. She says no, I love you. He says enough, you and your lie don’t have any place in my life now, just leave. Anu cries and comes home thinking about Rajat’s words. She talks to Shastri ji about giving Rajat chance. Rajat fights for Anu’s respect outside home with a veg vendor. Minty gets angry seeing this. She asks Anu to leave Rajat for his good. Anu signs the annulment papers and cries. Will Rajat and Anu get separated now? Keep reading.

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Bhaiya ji agrees to Chakor’s education to win elections in Udaan

Tejaswini’s kite cuts by Kasturi’s kite. Bhaiya ji claps shocking everyone. He says Tejaswini, your face shows the anger, hide it, else people will see it. Tejaswini says she is bearing insult, if our good report does not go, it will not be good. Arjun calls Ishwar and tells him how the villagers celebrated Sankranti at haveli, like never before. Ishwar says I trust you and her, just make her dreams true, can I talk to Chakor. Chakor talks to Ishwar. She tells everything whats happening. Ishwar says happy Makar Sankranti.

Chakor says I m very happy and tells everything how she and Arjun hhas fooled Bhaiya ji. Bhaiya ji hears this and says such a big cheat with me, and gets angry. Arjun says I also want Chakor to get admission in school here and I came to explain her. Bhaiya ji laughs. He says Chakor is not an ordinary bandhua girl, she has become a thought now. Bhaiya ji laughs and says this cheap master has come to benefit me. Bhaiya ji makes everyone throw the food. Bhaiya ji asks Girja to make Chakor tied in chains.

Arjun is caught by Lakhan and goons and fights with them. Chakor says leave Arjun Sir, I will get myself in chains. Bhaiya ji says throw Arjun out. Arjun Desai comes and says stop. Bhaiya ji asks who is he. Arjun introduces himself and shocks everyone. Arjun Desai says I m the one who party sent to decide on you. Arjun Desai says I will trap you in high command Bhaiya ji, come lets free the girl first, who is roaming with the chain of your sin.

Arjun calls Ishwar and tells about Raavan’s Lanka burning, and Chakor getting freed. Ishwar is glad and asks how did this happen. Arjun says I will tell everything later. Bhaiya ji promises Desai that he will not bound any kid and Chakor. Tejaswini bribes Arjun Desai and makes him in their favor. Desai talks to all villagers, and says high command has sent us to make report on Bhaiya ji, your faces show you are happy staying here and will elect Bhaiya ji again. They are shocked. Arjun gets angry and says I won’t leave this cheater.

Bhaiya ji says I regard this Aazaadgunj as heaven, if anyone comes to break it, don’t let them come. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini give money to Desai and asks him to end the matter with sports authority. Desai says Chakor will live in haveli as Bhaiya ji’s daughter, not bandhua. Kasturi and Bhuvan hug her and leave crying. Desai asks Chakor to do his work and asks her help, as elections are coming, she should go and tell villagers to vote only for Bhaiya ji. Chakor is shocked. Bhaiya ji says she is playing a game.

Chakor says I m thinking my parents took loan and you made me bandhua, and I left education to free Ishwar, and I got milk when I made your phone good, what will I get if I help you in getting votes. Bhaiya ji gets angry. Chakor asks for her and all village kids education. They are shocked. Desai asks Bhaiya ji to think. Bhaiya ji says I m sorry, I m fighting elections from Aazaadgunj, and I win always, let me fight elections my way. Lakhan comes with his wife and son. Bhaiya ji talks to Lakhan, and reminds his place. He says I was thinking to give your son a good place when he grows up, but he is thinking something else.

Ranjana says Bhaiya ji wants a new generation of slaves, but don’t count me in it, as I won’t let Lakhan’s son become Lakhan, and Manohar’s son Manohar. Everyone has right to live, if Chagan wants to become something, why are you forcing him. Lakhan’s wife calls her Devi and promises she will support her always. Bhaiya ji is worried and imagines everyone praising Ranjana and cheering on her victory, and Manohar taunts him for losing to his wife. Bhaiya ji comes to Chakor and says I agree for your condition. Baa makes Chakor have the Prasad.

Chakor tells Baa that she is afraid will he do my work after I do his work. Baa says we have to believe him. Baa says Lord will help you in this, its Saraswati puja tomorrow, and tells her about Maa Saraswati, an idol of knowledge and its great ting if educations comes in the village tomorrow. Chakor says it means I should tell Bhaiya ji to keep Saraswati puja. Baa says I m going to village as its Saraswati puja tomorrow. Bhaiya ji asks who is doing it there. Chakor says you will go and smiles. He is shocked. Chakor says you promised me and all kids will go to school, you have to tell it to everyone in village, did you forget so soon.

Bhaiya ji says stop it, I did not say this. Chakor says yes, if you tell this infront of Lord, they will trust you and give you vote. Chakor tells Bhaiya ji that he can fulfill his promise. Tejaswini says shut up. Chakor says I will tell them that he is very good and ask them to give vote. Tejaswini asks her to leave. Chakor asks him to think. He agrees to her and does a photo shoot with her, making her stand infront of him, and angering Tejaswini. Bhaiya ji and Tejaswini have an argument. Will Bhaiya ji agree to educate the village kids? Keep reading.

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Daddu informs Dadisaa about Shiv’s death and she is shocked. Anandi breaks down seeing Shiv. Shiva becomes a martyr. Jagya takes the call and talks to Daddu. Daddu tells him about Shiv’s death. He cries and gives the phone to Alok. Alok says we will take Shiv’s body to home in sometime. Jagya says we will reach there soon. The police officer giving condolences to Shiv’s family and says Chief Minister ordered for Shiv last rites to be done with National respect. Dadisaa cries for Shiv and worries for Anandi. Jagya says we have to go to Udaipur now. Shiv’s body is brought home. Everyone cries.

Anandi thinks of the happy moments with Shiv and recalls their journey. Dadisaa comes with Jagya and Ganga and hugs Anandi. Shiv’s body is taken for the last rites by the family members. The pandit recites the mantras in the burial ground. The Police force gives tribute, salute and fires in his honour. Anandi looks on. Panditji gives the fire wood to Alok, but Anoop takes it. Daddu asks him to stop and says it is son’s right to give the fire. He says it is Amol’s right. Anoop says but Amol is not Shiv’s blood. Daddu says Shiv accepted him as his son, so that’s why Amol will give him fire.

Amol takes the fire stick and recalls the moments spent with his father. Subhadra tells everyone that Ira refused to make Anandi wear white saree and do widow rituals. Ira comes with Anandi and says it is not right. Daddu says Anandi won’t wear these clothes and this is my decision. Alok and Amol say they are leaving for Asthi Visarjan/ashes immersion and Anoop stops them. He offers to go along with them. Police comes with Shiv’s friend Rajeev. He introduces himself and says he is Rajeev. He was in the same mission in which Shiv lost his life. He tells everything. A flashback is shown. Rajeev says it is very easy to take someone’s life, but difficult to give his life for others. He says Shiv was selfless and great man.

Dadisaa says she wants to take her and Amol to Jaitsar and asks about her opinion. Anandi refuses saying it is her house and family. Anandi says she will definitely come whenever she needs her. Dadisaa hugs her and asks her to take care. Amol comes to Anandi and thinks what to do to make her happy. He makes her smile with the help of puppy toys. Anandi says she loves her three children a lot. She recalls Anandi’s childhood marriage with Jagya. She recalls scolding Anandi and acting tough with her. She recalls Jagya bringing Gauri home, and Dadisaa getting her divorced from Jagya and then married her to Shiv.

She recalls Anandi informing her about her pregnancy and then Shiv’s death. Dadisaa feels her pain and cries. Gehna consoles her. Dadisaa held condolence meeting in memory of Shiv. Anandi says I can’t turn my face from my responsibilities and have to go NGO. Daddu says it is shocking moment for her, but she faced the troubles everytime. He says we got shaken, but Anandi didn’t leave her strength. Amol comes to Anandi and brings milk for her. Anandi gets touched by his gesture. He asks her to drink. Anandi drinks.

Amol makes her sleep. Alok, Daddu and Anoop bring toys for Anandi’s unborn children. Alok says we brought this toys for coming children. Daddu says we brought it after thinking about the possibilities. The new collector of Udaipur Vinay comes to Daddu’s house and introduces himself. Anandi reads the letter sent by the govt and tells Daddu that the govt has decided to honour Shiv with Rajastan Ratna award for his bravery. He says Shiv’s PF, gratuity and other benefits will be transferred in 2-3 days. Everyone get emotional and feels proud of Shiv. Anandi talks to Dadisaa and tells her about the award.

Dadisaa praises Shiv and feels proud of him. Anandi says she will try not to be weak. She asks about her studies. Dadisaa says she is studying and will pass with good marks. She says she will fulfill Shiv’s dream. Anandi, Amol, Daddu and everyone reach for the Republic day celebration. Daddu says he is proud. The Chief Minister comes escorted by the body guards. They salute the national flag and sing National Anthem. The school teacher thanks Jagya for coming for the Republic day celebrations and asks Dadisaa to say a few words. Dadisaa gives a good speech about independence and Republic day significance. Everyone smile and applaud Dadisaa. What will happen next? Keep reading.

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Star Plus

The principal tries convincing Bhaiya ji about Chakor’s admission in school. He informs his niece Abha about his step. Abha thanks him. ejaswini says she did not like principal’s idea. Bhaiya ji says he was just suggesting us, it would be good for our party campaign, if Chakor goes to school, it will benefit us. Chakor comes and says she won’t go to school as she has promised that she won’t touch education. Bhaiya ji scolds her. Chakor says I gave promise to Bhaiya ji and told all villagers about education being bad thing, they will call me liar and their trust will break.

Bhaiya ji tells the principal to inform them that Chakor was Bandhua here and will always be, she stays here in our haveli as our bandhua. Arjun comes and says I will light Chakor’s dying light. He says I could not speak to her and I m going Aazaadgunj as sports teacher of that school. The sports authority is sending me to know why is Chakor getting admission. Ishwar is glad and thanks him. Manohar and Lakhan get mistaken seeing Arjun Sir and think he is Arjun Desai, the survey officer. They bring him to the haveli. Arjun is welcomes by garlands by Bhaiya ji. Chakor sees Arjun and calls him.

Arjun hears Chakor and tries to find her, but Bhaiya ji orders Girja to lock Chakor. He says I m glad to see young people having the political strength. Tejaswini does his aarti. Arjun talks to Vivaan and gets to know about Chakor being kept in stable. Bhaiya ji start impressing Arjun, thinking to get the election ticket by his good positive report. Chakor smiles seeing Arjun. Arjun gets angry seeing the chains. Arjun talks to her, and tells Bhaiya ji that the girl is saying good things about you. Bhaiya ji gets surprised and laughs.

Chakor and Arjun fool him by praising him, and make him invite the village at haveli and celebrate Makar Sankranti. Arjun says I understand, but I trust eyes and ears, I spoke to Chakor, now I will meet villagers and talk to them, then I will give you clean chit, then you will get ticket. Tejaswini asks Chakor why did she lie to Arjun that they take care of her. Chakor fools her in her words, and makes Bhaiya ji believe her. Bhaiya ji asks Arjun to start. Arjun says I will just have orange juice, as I care for the kids a lot, as kids are our country’s future. He says if Chakor eats well, studies and runs, then who knows what can she become. He says yes, she is already become something.

Tejaswini asks Manohar to tell all villagers that they will celebrate Makar Sanskranti at haveli and invite them. Imli says she wants to earn money to free Chakor from bonded labor. Imli makes the kites by learning from Dadi. She sits all night and makes the kites. She then tries selling it, and meets the real surveyor Arjun Desai. He comes to know about Chakor and everyone being Bandhua. He recalls Aditya’s words.

She says many people are bandhua. He asks the owner’s name. She says Bhaiya ji. He says Kamal Narayan. She asks does he know Chakor, I know you can’t do anything for her, she is bandhua and will always be bandhua. He buys the kites and finds more bad things about Bhaiya ji from the villagers. Kasturi scolds Imli and asks who gave her money. Imli says no, I sold the kites to a rich man. They all go to the haveli to meet Chakor, as they are all invited by Bhaiya ji for Sankranti celebrations. Chakor waits for her parents. She sees her family and is very much glad. Arjun sees Bhuvan and hides.

Chakor hugs her family and smiles. Ranjana sees Arjun and thinks she has seen him in Lucknow. Vivaan diverts her mind and sends her off. The villagers start flying kites. Bhuvan meets Arjun and thanks him for supporting Chakor. Chakor tells Bhuvan not to say anything, Arjun has come here as something else. Bhuvan says fine, so this festival is celebrated because of him. She says yes. Arjun gives him the kite and wishes Sankranti. Imli gives icecream to Chakor and Kasturi says Imli has earned the money. Chakor gets glad and says Imli is free, I can’t do this as I m Bandhua.

Imli gets upset and decides to free Chakor soon. Chakor does not fly kite and stares at her family. Dadi asks her to fly. Chakor says let me see you all, don’t know when will I see you again. They get upset. Bhuvan teaches Kasturi to fly kite. Kasturi asks who was he who gave you this kite. Chakor says he is big officer, you fly the kite. Kasturi flies the kite and it gets tangled with Tejaswini. Bhuvan gets afraid seeing Bhaiya ji. Kasturi decides to leave the kite. What will Bhaiya ji do knowing about Chakor and Arjun Sir’s lie? Keep reading.

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Neil starts falling for Devyaani once again, and helps her. Her dress gets torn. Neil’s friends laugh and he looks at them. Devyaani covers it. Neil says relax, I will do something. He removes his jacket and covers her. Anu and Rajat imagine each other, and Rajat finally meets her as milk vendor. They romance and Alka and Rohan laugh seeing them. Anu hugs Devyaani and says I have seen a very bad dream, and tells her that she will lose Rajat. Rajat messages Anu that its his mistake that their life is starting so late, the days will be like mistakes, I ask you for one day which he wants to make it special for her, and make memories.

She gets Rajat’s call and asks her is she preparing to meet in evening. He says how will I wait till evening, I love you so much. Minty hears this and looks unhappy. Neil gets sure about Devyaani and wants to propose her, as his friends insists a lot. Minty talks to Dolly and asks for some plan to shoo off Anushka from Rajat. Shastri ji comes and hears them. He brings the Lohri shagun. Neil gifts a dress to Devyaani and asks her to wear it. Devyaani agrees and he thinks she loves him too. Anu tells Devyaani about her bad dream, and she wore the same dress. Devyaani asks her not to believe in dreams, and get ready fast.

Rajat and Anu have a romantic date. She is glad seeing the lights and decorations. They dance romantically and have candle light dinner. . Minty and Dolly see them together, Minty gets angry. Sareen asks Minty to accept Anu by her heart. She argues with Sareen. He meets Shastri ji and assures him of happiness in their children’s life. They hug and have a talk. Shastri ji gives Anu as bahu to him. Minty plans to do something before Anu comes to her house as her bahu. Dolly asks Minty to accept the situation as she has no option. Neil proposes Devyaani and she asks is he joking. Neil is shocked by her refusal and says yes I m joking.

She asks him not to joke again. Neil tells his friends. They make Neil angry and ask him to see the truth, as Devyaani won’t love him, and laugh on him. Neil gets teary eyed. Rajat promises Anu that he will never leave her, and he will fight with every dark night of her life, and never let darkness come in her life. Rajat makes Anu wear mangalsutra. Minty taunts Shastri ji a lot. He looks at Rajat and Anu. They both have a huge verbal fight, and Shastri ji shouts enough as she calls his daughters characterless. Minty says I will get happiness when your daughters go away from my life. She says you did planning and explained your daughters. She insults him.

She says Rajat is my son, I gave him birth and did his upbringing. Shastri ji says yes, a mother has full rights on a son, and you are ruining your son’s life. You know Rajat loved Anu and planned it with Nikki and wanted to get him engaged to Devyaani, so that the sisters fight and break the family. Sareen asks did he know this. Shastri ji asks how can she not care about her son, this mum does not have any right to question on my upbringing. Shastri ji says I took a decision, I end this relation right away. They are shocked.

Devyaani cries and says don’t say this, Rajat and Anu love each other. Sareen says but Rajat and Anu are married. Shastri ji says no, how can it be marriage if they did not get parents’ blessings, its not marriage which points on my daughter’s character. He says he will find such a family who deserves my daughter. He vows that he will make Anu marry infront of them, and in a better family and more qualified guy than Rajat. Shastri ji gets heart attack and falls. The girls rush to him and cry. They rush him to the hospital.

Anu meets Shastri ji in the ICU and says you will be fine. He says when you got ill, I used to say this to you, I gave you good values. He says he fears to break the promise given to her mum. Rajat asks her to smile and everything will be fine. Shastri ji says I know Rajat and you love each other a lot, and even then families get related in marriage, and Minty will not accept you and not keep you happy. He says you have promised and can’t say no now. Any says I promised and can’t refuse. Anu breaks down and cries hugging Rajat recalling she has to end her marriage with him now. Will Rajat and Anu get separated? Keep reading.

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Dadisaa is glad about Anandi’s pregnancy. Anandi goes downstairs with Shiv and sees Dadisaa. Dadisaa congrats them for the double happiness of twins. Anandi greets Makhan Kaka. Dadisaa signs Makhan Kaka. He takes out hand grinder for Anandi. Daddu asks what is this? Dadisaa says it is very good for exercising for pregnant woman. They get glad and hug Dadisaa. She asks her about Subhadra’s behavior towards her. Dadisaa tells her everything. Anandi says may be she doesn’t know about it. She asks her to be careful until she delivers the babies. Anandi recalls eating the cocaine laddoos from Subhadra’s hands. She says she will be careful.

Anandi tells Dadisaa that everything is fine between Anoop and Alok. Anandi asks her to come to NGO with her. Anandi brings Dadisaa to NGO and introduces her to the workers. Jagya tells Niranjan that he is going to hospital. Niranjan stops him and says he needs to talk something important. He says he wants to get Vasectomy done. Jagya asks why? He says he doesn’t want to have his own children. He says he don’t want to hurt Nandu. Niranjan asks him not to tell anything to Gehna. Shiv asks his employee to name the employee who is doing illegal export and import. Mahesh tells him that he is Anoop Shekhar. Shiv gets shocked.

Niranjan comes to Jagya’s hospital for vasectomy. Jagya makes the arrangements for the operations. Jagya and Niranjan come back home after the operation. Gehna asks him to sleep. Niranjan turns and thinks I am sorry. He promises to tell the truth to Gehna when the right times comes. Niranjan recalls Gehna asking him what happened. He turns and sees Gehna. She hugs him and cries. She says you killed your happiness for my happiness. Niranjan asks I opted for this operation for everyone’s happiness. I didn’t want lose the respect which Nandu has for me. He says Nandu and Bhairavi are also my kids.

Gehna feels proud to be his wife and says she will try to become a good wife. Niranjan says you don’t need to prove and hugs her. Shiv is being informed of the terrorist coming to their city. Anandi says she is feeling unwell today. He asks her to rest and he will go alone. Anandi tells I love you. Shiv kisses her on her forehead and says I love you too. He comes and tells bye to his unborn kids. The terrorist collides with Shiv. He recognizes him and gets shocked. Rajeev tells Shiv that they got the news about terrorist seen in the city. Shiv and Rajeev see the same terrorist. The terrorist talks to his men that he couldn’t escape from there.

Shiv and Rajeev find him again and asks him to surrender. The terrorist shows him the bomb. Shiv says no one will fire. Shiv tries to reason with him to surrender. The terrorist says he didn’t come to beg, but wants to kill the people. The reporter tells about Shiv going after the terrorist to nab him. Shiv follows him. The terrorist fires bullet on Shiv. The media and everyone present there are capturing their fight in the camera. Shiv faces him like a true soldier. He throws Shiv, but he gets hold of his scarf. Shiv is about to fall from the terrace. Police goes to the terrace.

Anandi comes back to her room and looks out for her phone. She wonders why Shiv had not called him until now. Anandi dials on the number, but it comes as unavailable. She gets worried. Shiv falls and is seen in a pool of blood and gets unconscious. Anandi is shocked knowing about Shiv. The media tells that the police is bringing Shiv to the hospital in a critical condition and hopes he gets well. Shiv is brought out of the operation theatre. Everyone is shocked to see his condition. Shiv is unconscious with bandages all over his head. Everyone cries.

Alok and Anoop assure Daddu that Shiv will be fine as their blessings are with him. Anandi comes inside and looks at him. She holds his hand and sits at his bed side. She keeps his hand on her tummy to make him feel baby movements. Anandi says I will fight with destiny, won’t let you go anywhere. Shiv says he have to go. Shiv asks her to be strong for their kids. She says you are not only their mother, but have to be their father too. You will feel me around you always. I promise you. Anandi cries and assures that he will be fine. hiv takes his last breath and dies. Anandi shouts Shiv. Will Anandi cope up with Shiv’s loss? Keep reading.

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Astha is worried as Bua ji asked her to give good news of her child and make her family now. Astha realizes the family will also get saying the same. Vrinda talks to Astha and tells her about thinking of a child. Astha gets tensed and tells her that she also thinks the same. Vrinda gets glad. Alka recalls Rohan’s words and smiles, thanking Lord to give her a good husband like Rohan. Neil and Devyaani celebrate about Anu’s victory in proving herself innocent. They decide to unite Rajat and Anu, and start making efforts. They place Rajat’s pic in Anu’s room and Anu’s pic in Rajat’s room.

Rajat says his senior is coming today. Rajat’s senior tells Sareen and Rajat that Anu cleared all doubts, and department wants Rajat to join duty again. Rajat and Sareen are glad. Rajat wears uniform and looks at Anu. Everyone is glad and they dance giving sweets to everyone. The neighbors clear the matter and apologize to them. hey call it Anu’s magic and lady luck, that she has got Rajat’s pride back. Neil says this happened because of her. Rajat says maybe she wanted to clear my and her name, and does not want anything else now. Rajat gets promoted and his senior gives him the transfer orders, asking him to think well as he is newly married and his wife can get upset by this. Rajat thinks Anu left the home and there is nothing left now.

He accepts the orders and informs the family about it. Rajat says Neil that he is getting transferred to Dehradun, I m leaving tomorrow morning. Neil and Devyaani ask Anu to stop Rajat. Anu says no, I won’t interfere. Sareen asks Rajat to go if he wants, but he can’t get back after this point. Neil asks Rajat to give him a treat before going and takes him to the café. He messages Devyaani and she brings Anu there. Neil and Devyaani make Rajat and Anu meet at café. Anu and Rajat are shocked seeing each other. Alka and Rohan have come romantic moments as he fools her about someone calling her at hotel to tell Rohan’s truth. They consummate their marriage.

Astha gets worried seeing them at home with much love and smiling faces. Santo tells her about Rohan and Alka spending time at the hotel and something happened between them. Astha thinks Alka can give good news, and fools the family by her fake pregnancy news. Everyone get happy and Alka takes good care of Astha. Rajat and Anu does not end differences and he leaves apologizing to Sareen. Minty curses Anu for this day as Rajat is running away from home to avoid Anu. Rajat and Anu imagine each other everywhere and miss each other. He comes back home and meets Anu outside, holding her hand as she falls. She thinks she is imagining him. He says its really him and apologizes to her. hey argue and defend themselves. He says he was trying to make her jealous by bringing Karishma.

She says I thought you forgot me. He says you know it very well that I can never forget you. She says I was thinking she is more beautiful than me, modern and is good match for you, and you moved on. He asks does she not know him, why did she not stop him. They argue. She asks did you come to fight with me. He says no, I came to tell you that I love you a lot. Rajat says he wants to join mangalsutra with thread of trust, I want your support, will you support me. She nods yes and hugs him. Neil and Devyaani smile seeing them.

Shastri ji comes and they get shocked. Rajat says I m sorry uncle, I have hurt you all a lot, give me one chance for Anu’s sake, I want to give her happiness and take her home, with your blessings, please don’t refuse. Shastri ji agrees and says he wants to do Anu’s bidaai well as all the rest of the rituals did not happen well, with his dreams left incomplete. He says your love has proved that its above any test. Sareen makes the moment light and says he has decided the day, the Lodhi day. Shastri ji says yes, its auspicious day. Sareen hugs Anu.

Minty gets angry and thinks she has some time to stop Anu from coming home. Shastri ji worries for Anu as Minty hates her. Anu says she will make her happy and everyone there loves me. Devyaani calls Alka and tells her everything. Neil looks at her and smiles seeing her so happy. Neil wishes Devyaani loves her and their love story also gets complete. What will Minty do to stop Anu and Rajat’s union? Keep reading.