Trisha gets arrested for Amrita’s murder in Laut Aao Trisha

Vivan gets questioned for Amrita’s murder. Gaurav asks if he is doubting Vivan. Officer says many things point at Vivan. Sonali searches her room and finds drug packet in her purse. Gaurav asks if she was searching it and asks what is it. She says she hid Vivan’s drugs here. Meghan gets tensed thinking she is Amrita’s murderer and police will question her now. She reminisces Amrita’s death and thinks if she is sentenced, she will lose her family. Meghan tells Lavanya that she wants to go out on a holiday.

Lavanya asks why. Meghan says she made a mistake and says she loves Aditya and Aditya loves Trisha, tells her how she mixed drugs in drinks for Aditya to get intimate with him and Amrita drank that drinks by mistake, says her intention was not to kill anybody and it was just a mistake. Kushan hears their conversation. Lavanya says Meghan if she thinks Amrita died due to drug overdose and gets panicked that she lost her son, her husband may go to jail anytime and her daughter is a murderer. Meghan says she does not want to go to jail and to save her. Inspector Jagat Jeet Singh makes an entry. He says he came to arrest Amrita’s murderer.

Sonali gets nervous. Consgable hand cuffs Trisha instead. He says Amrita’s drink glass had Trisha’s finger prints. Gaurav asks is that evidence enough to prove Trisha guilty. Kidnapper throws Meghan out of his car in an unconscious, dilapadated state and flees. Kushan and Lavanya pick her up, calls their doc and rushes her to hospital. Lavanya brings Meghan to her friend’s hosital and asks her doc friend not to leak Meghan’s rape news. Lavanya consoles her and sends her with doc for examination. Kushan hugs her and says they are helpless. She gets Gaurav’s call who informs about Trisha’s arrest in Amrita’s murder charges.

The doctor examines Meghan and informs Lavanya and Kushan that she is not raped. Meghan gets flashback of goon trying to rape her and wakes up panicked. Kushan calms her down. Meghan asks if he is alright now and says he will not tell about it to anyone. Kushan sees Meghan sleeping and reminisces video of kidnapper injecting sedative to her. He apologizes her and says he could not give a life to her and Bobby which they deserved and to safeguard his status, he fell in his children’s eyes. He says he still remembers Bobby’s eyes when he could not believe his dad kidnapped Trisha and died in his arms.

Meghan says he did not do anything wrong and consoles him. Lavanya feeds Meghan and asks her to not get afraid, she will protect her. Meghan says she wants to kill the kidnapper. Lavanya promises that she will kill him, but she should try and forget the incident and be strong. Lavanya and Kushan come to watchman’s house and start searching with mobile torch. Kidnapper comes there and holds her on knife’s point. Kushan says Lavanya that kidnapper knew they would go there, so he was waiting for them already.

Lavanya says Kushan that she thinks Jahnavi is behind all this. He asks if she has her contacts. She says she will find out from college, but doubts if they will have old records, she will check old friends also. Lavanya calls Pratik’s old batch mates and asks about Jahnavi, but nobody has any info regarding her. She tries to call professors, but their numbers have changed. She thinks where did Jahnavi disappear. Gaurav comes to police station and meets inspector Jagatjeet. Inspector says if he is thinking, he will get Trisha out, then he is thinking wrong.

Gaurav says he and his department did wrong by trapping Trisha into false case for their publicity. He asks lawyers to come in. Lawyer introduces himself as Shashank Jhunjunwala and says he is handling Trisha’s case. Lawyer meets Trisha and says he does not care if she did Amrita’s murder or not, his work is to get her out from jail. Gaurav meets Nikhil in a secluded place. Nikhil says heard that he got a lawyer for Trisha, but should have thought of Swaika group. Gaurav asks to stop his drama. Nikhil says to get out of this mess, he needs 25 crores in 24 hours and wants it via Vivan. Gaurav says he will get money.

Lavanya meets Kabeer’s officer and bribes him to get Jahnavi’s pic. Vivan gets panicked seeing Gaurav and Nikhil together and takes out drugs to sniff, but reminisces Amrita’s words and stops. Gaurav asks his cashier to get 25 crores cash right now. Vivan comes there and asks how can he meet Nikhil again. Gaurav says he was forced to meet him and says Nikhil called and blackmailed that if he does not get 25 crores, he will inform media about their relationship.

Meghan reminisces of blackmailing Aditya to accept her proposal and thinks she is paying for her bad deeds and because of her, Trisha is in jail. She thinks Trisha used to love her like her own sister, but she betrayed her. She will go and apologize to her. Lawyer says he needs some more documents and his secretary will give the list. Gaurav asks if Trisha will be saved. Lawyer assures him and says court hearing is in 5 days and says he will get updates daily. Gaurav thanks him. Will Trisha be proved innocent? Keep reading.


Rudra’s Dadi tells him about Swami Balivesh’s truth in Mahakumbh

Rudra runs to save his life from Rudra and falls on a tree bark. Rudra asks Pandey why did he kill Maai Mui and Udiya Baba. Pandey says its bigger game than you think, its just my hand, but someone else’s mind, I did not have any animosity with your family, its related to Mahakumbh. Pandey dies before naming Balivesh. Rudra goes to Pandey’s house again, and opens the door. Swami takes Pandey’s pic. Maya comes there and sees Pandey dead. She is shocked and Swami hugs her, saying Rudra did not do anything, Pandey died on his own, Rudra is innocent but his revenge is fulfilled.

Rudra is shocked seeing Pandey’s wife, brother in law, and all goons dead and the house ruined. Rudra understands his Balivesh behind all this. Rudra dreams of Maai Mui and shares whatever is happening. She asks him to keep his trust on Maya and not decide it so soon. Maya comes to Rudra and asks where was he. She cries and says she knows you have one aim to come here, your revenge fulfillment, Rudra you don’t care for me right. Rudra gets angry on Maya and asks her to be away from him. Rudra comes to his old home and sees his Dadi. He recalls she is his Dadi and some childhood moments come in his memory flashes. He asks how did this happen. She names Nanu, Balivesh and Chote Mama Anivesh. She says they have burnt everything, don’t know why they took such revenge.

Rudra helps Thapadiya Maaai by bringing her bag from thief. Rudra talks to Maya and says I have come back Maya, after forgetting everything, you also wanted this right, you promised this to my Maai Mui. Maya hugs Rudra and smiles. She recalls their good moments in Banaras. Rudra’s smile turns into anger, recalling Dadi’s words. Charles comes to Katherine’s room, while she is having bath in bathroom. She sings and he hears her. He gets her phone and gets all the data in his mobile. Grierson tells Swami about Amrit and seven protectors for it. He says yes, but whats related to Rudra. Grierson says its related to Amrit, Rudra is one of the protectors and it has something related to his ashram. Swami says so you wanted Shivanand.

Grierson says the one who gets amrit can rule the world. He says after 144 years, that Amrit comes that seven Karur protect, this time it will happen, but two of them will be weak which we can control easily. Rudra and Charles’s back with Garuda signs are shown. Grierson says it was a secret, but in second world war, the secrets have come out, we got it and we came here to Allahabad. Rudra sees Nanu off his bed. Nanu acts like cleaning the bed. Maya asks why is he doing this.

Nanu says a human should do his work on his own, this is my Guru’s place, its my duty to keep it clean, a human has to take his deed’s responsibility himself. Rudra says everyone should do his duty, and you have to do your duty in Poornima event. Rudra says if you called me son, come with me, trust me. Swami ji is greeted by many devotees. Rudra gives fake smiles to Maya. Maya says I can’t believe this, I m very happy seeing you like this. Charles steals Katherine’s phone. Maya smiles and recalls Rudra’s words.

Thapadiya Maai comes to Maya and sees her smiling. She asks will she break Rudra’s trust. Maya says you just see my mistake, I feel you and Rudra has last birth relation, so you both don’t trust me. Thapadiya Maai says we have this Mahakumbh relation, you think about yourself. Thapadiya Maai gives her shagun bangles and says don’t cheat him, I know your love is true. Rudra meets his Dadi in hospital and asks about his mum. The nurse brings milk. Dadi says she won’t drink. Rudra asks her to have it for his sake, and makes her drink it. She says you did not tell me about yourself. He says I will tell everything Dadi.

He thinks he will tell everything after raising the curtains from the secrets. She says your dad Shivanand is responsible for our family ruining. Rudra looks on stunned. Maya’s Nanu asks Maya to tell Rudra that we have killed Udiya Baba and Maai Mui. Nanu says they will get Rudra marry Maya and if needed, he can kill ether of them. Maya is shocked knowing the truth and cries. Will Rudra believe Maya and know Amrit’s truth? Keep reading.


Samarth and Vikram challenge each other in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Vikram gets restless to talk to Shobha. Shobha unknowingly calls Vikram He gets angry hearing on phone what Shobha was saying to herself and what Samarth has done with her. She says Samarth has beaten me, you will hate me if you know this that he has touched me against my will. Vikram says Samarth and gets angry. Nani asks Vikram will he have food. Vikram says no, till I beat Samarth, I won’t digest food. Nani says what did he do. Vikram says I can’t tell you what he did with Shobha, I can’t spare him. Samarth talks to Tiwari and Vikram comes there to meet him. Vikram says you feel no one is there to speak in Shobha’s defense.

Samarth asks who is he for her, and how did he become mad about her, what type of man is he. Vikram scolds him. Samarth says she is my wife. Vikram says you used her, you spoil the name of men. Shobha thinks she tells everyone that she can handle everything alone, but there was someone like shadow, its Vikram, I did not ask help, but he came as angel and solved my problem, this time I can’t tell him anything, I m alone. Vikram tells Sarika that family and love terms don’t look good by her, Samarth has to pay the price. Sarika says f you do anything, it can be bad for Shobha, you think you can get Shobha doing this.

Vikram says Samarth does not know me. Vikram talks to himself and says I heard evetyhing what Shobha said, not by coincidence, but by fate, it brings us infront of each other always. Sarika thinks Samarth has to fall in her feet and apologize, we have to do something before mum knows this. Rohini meets Vikram and talks about Samarth and Shobha. Vikram says I did not see such a cheap man. She says Shobha can make or break him, she has to expose him. He says he will make Shobha do this, she fights for other’s rights, its time she fights for her own rights.

Sarika and Samarth talk about Vikram, who can harm them for Shobha’s sake They think of anything to stop him. Garima speaks against Vinita and Sanjay raises hand to slap her. Garima tells everything that Vinita was doing her miscarriage, she trusted her and gave her Shobha’s place, she tried to kill my baby. She tells everything and says all instances planned by Vinita. Vinita lies and says Garima was saying she will get separated from us after baby comes, and she will go with Sanjay, she said we interfere in her life.

Saurabh gets sad and says Sanjay is my only brother, don’t bring bitterness between us. Vikram seeks Ketan’s help to file case on Samarth. Sarika asks Samarth whats his plan. Samarth says he has a big plan that will put Vikram’s life at stake, and Shobha and Vikram will be away. He tells her the plan. Sarika calls him genius. Vikram smiles seeing the sky. He says Shobha, this time injustice won’t happen with you, as I m with you, your family loves you and get strength, its time the country gets strength from you, as you do whats right, I just have to show you mirror and you will find yourself in it on your own.

Vikram comes to Sharda and asks why did she call him. Sharda scolds Vikram and says Shobha is like my daughter, she has some respect, she has kids, how can you tell anything against her. Samarth says this won’t work now, you wrote love letters to my wife, are you not ashamed. Vikram says I don’t know what did I write. Samarth says all emails and letters that you love Shobha. Samarth asks does he not have affair with Shobha. Vikrram asks how can he think his wife will see any other man. Vikram comes home and recalls Samarth’s accusing him and Shobha. Vikram says he is sad that Shobha did not believe him, why don’t she understand Sarika and Samarth trapped him, how to get out of this.

He argues with Samarth and asks him to fight openly like a man, its my mistake to send Shobha back to you, she will hate you, this is my promise. Sharda comes to Shobha and says she trusts her. Shobha cries and says I did not know about Vikram Sir. Sharda says don’t blame yourself, we also did not know, we can’t trust anyone. Shobha says yes we can’t trust, and thinks did Vikram really break my trust. Nani says Vikram can’t do this, he can’t let Shobha get insulted. Vikram threatens Samarth and they both challenge each other. Will Vikram be able to save Shobha? Keep reading.


Amrita gets killed and Kabeer resigns from his post in Laut Aao Trisha

Lavanya gets scared and tells Kushan that she has seen guard’s dead body in cupboard, and he shows there is nothing such. Amrita comes to Kabeer’s office and asks constable if he is there. Peon says he has gone out and she can wait for him. Officer gets Pratik’s forensic report and asks to keep it on Kabeer’s table. Amrita calls Kabeer, but Varsha who is there switches off mobile saying she does not need any disturbance. Kabeer gets ready for office and asks when is she proposing to her boyfriend. She says she will today and says she is very nervous.

He says her boyfriend is very lucky and everything will be fine. She says even then she is nervous and asks if they can rehearse, says she will propose him and he can say yes or no. He agrees. She holds his hand and says she loves him a lot and if she can spend the rest of her life with him. Amrita comes there just then and sees them holding each other’s hands. She apologizes and says she will come later. Kabeer walks behind her, leaving Varsha irked. He says he got Jahnavi’s pic from college’s admission form and will know who she is soon. Meghan comes to Aditya’s cabin. He asks if she has any work.

She says if she cannot come to meet his boyfriend. She reads Trisha’s SMS and says him that Trisha has invited him for party and asks if he is attending it. He says no as he is ignoring Trisha since many days. Meghan takes a drug bottle from his desk and thinks she has to find out what it is. Meghan adds drug in juice. Aditya asks Trisha why did not he pick her call and why is he ignoring her. Meghan gives drugged juice to her and asks to have it. Meghan says Aditya proposed him. Trisha is shocked to hear that. Meghan asks Aditya if he did not tell her and says she said yes. Trisha asks is this true. He says yes. Trisha walks out feeling dejected. Trisha gets drunk and scolds Kabeer for trying to get close to Amrita.

Amirta slaps her and later apologizes. Amrita says she loves only Pratik and nobody can take his place, Kabeer is only helping find Pratik’s murderer and he will solve the case soon. Amrita then apologizes to Kabeer. Meghan mixes drug in a drink again. Sonali picks drink and forces Amrita to drink it. Amrita drinks, feels drowsy and falls on the ground. Aditya checks her pulse and declares her dead. Everyone are shocked to hear that. Meghan gets afraid. Kabeer asks to seal the doors. He devastedly walks near Amrita and looks at her sadly. Officer says his doubt about Jahnavi’s revenge was right. Kabeer says Lavanya and Kushan are missing from party and asks officer to check where are they.

Sonali calls Lavanya and tells her about Amrita’s murder. Someone kills waiter. Kabeer asks officers to take finger prints from the venue. The commissioner gives finger print reports to Kabeer and he is shocked to see Trisha’s name. Kabeer comes to Varsha’s house and starts crying. She asks what happened. He tells her about Amrita’s murder and says he could not save her. She is shocked to hear that and tries to console him. He asks Kabeer to arrest Trisha and close the case. Kabeer says he cannot close the case as it is clear someone is trying to ruin Pratik’s family. The commissioner gives Kabeer arrest warrant and asks him to arrest Trisha and do his duty. Kabeer comes to arrest Vivan.

Sonali and Gaurav come with ransom money to rescue Vivan. Goons kidnap even them. Kabeer reaches there with his officers. Aditya’s peons search drug sample bottles and says him that one is missing and it is a very dangerous drug. Forensic expert informs Kabeer that he found 2 drugs in glasses, one a medical drug which will kill a person if overdosed and another one is normal drug. Kabeer says normal one must be of Vivan’s and he has to find out about another one. Aditya realizes Meghan has stolen the drug. Gaurav and Sonali bring Vivan home. Sonali tells that his friend told how he saved a child from goons and asks why did he risk his life for some strangers.

Gaurav says they should be proud of him and it is his good deeds that they saved us. Trisha at breakfast table remembers Amrita and cries. Vivan comes there and cries consoling Trisha on Amrita’s death. Kabeer does not arrest Trisha and gives his resignation letter to commissioner. Who has killed Amrita? Keep reading.


Rudra gets a step towards his enemies in Mahakumbh

Swami ji takes Rudra into confidence and tells he knows about his family. Maya then takes Rudra to meet Nanu. Rudra is shocked seeing his parents pic. He cries recalling his mum. Rao talks to Tiwari and says it will be tough to manage Mahakumbh this time. Tiwari says this time nothing wrong will happen. Rudra asks Nanu does he know about his parents. Nanu says your grandpa was like my brother and your father was like my son. He says when you lost Shivanand, the Mahakumbh had bad shadow, and it has ruined your family. He says your ashram as Saraswati Kund and had Amrit, don’t know who were those enemies, and your grandpa did not tell me anything about it.

Grierson hires a haveli by a politician. He asks him to stay peacefully and call him for help. Grierson calls Pandey and says he is in Allahabad. Pandey says did you call Swami, I could not find Rudra, and how much will I get for this work. Nanu asks Maya to take care of Rudra and not let him go out, as people can be after him, they have to save him in every way. Maya tells Rudra about the man who killed Maai Mui. Swami ji catches Pandey. Shivanand says few things related to Amrit. He comes to his home/ashram run by Shivanand. He recalls the mantras chanted there, and sees the building turned into dark shut deserted place.

He goes inside the house, and sees the spider webs. He cries seeing the place and recalls his childhood with his parents. Shivanand is taken inside the house. Shivanand looks at the house, and recalls his past life. The man informs Grierson that Shivanand is getting weak, its right time for Narco test. They inject Shivanand. Rudra still stands there and cries, not knowing about Shivanand. The men take Shivanand, whole Rudra faces the other side. They ask him about the house. Shivanand recalls the house and says mine. The doctor asks where is Rudra. Shivanand says Kumbh Mela, the bridge and the blast. They ask about the book. Shivanand tells the shop name. Grierson says thank you and leaves.

Swami asks Grierson about the mehendi shop, and asks whats the reason to find it. Grierson says just say what I do. Grierson says I have to meet some one and know about books. Swami ji thinks its Pandey’s home, who does he know him, and says I will take you. Swami ji gets the phone and sees Grierson’s call, while Pandey still denies it. Swami says then why is Grierson calling you, you reached Poland, so much progress. Pandey says no, I was giving you surprise, he told me he wants to surprise you, and want to make you happy, and I wanted to see you happy. He says this is your punishment, Rudra could not find you as you were here, how will you get saved now, Rudra has come to take revenge from you.

Rudra recalls Udiya’s and Maai’s death, and wakes up. He recalls Maai’s words when she names Khoye Paaye Pandey. Rudra sits to write a letter. Maya reads Rudra’s letter that he has come here or a motive and no one can stop me. Rudra goes to find him. Swami talks to Pandey. Tiwari scolds Charles and says Rao has to face shame because of you, you can go to jail for long time, I m explaining you. Charles says thanks Sir, but the fact is Rao told me to do this work, I m doing it my way.

Tiwari says this way is not right, be serious, sometimes I doubt you are Sir’s grandson or not. Shivanand tells Grierson he won’t tell him about book till he makes him meet Rudra. Grierson talks to Swami and says I don’t need to disclose. Swami says this is my city, you can get Lord if you surrender, you should have belief in Swami Balivesh, don’t take my words light. Pandey is brought in fort and asks Swami ji why did get him here. Swami says Rudra is coming, he is your Lord, he can come here anytime.

Maya tells Swami ji that Rudra has gone, if anything happens to him, our efforts will go waste, I don’t want anything to happen to him, as he is the one who can cure Nanu. Swami says calm down, I will get Rudra back. Rudra beats Pandey’s family. Maya tells Rudra that she got Pandey. Swami ji ties Pandey and gives him to Rudra. Rudra proceeds to kill Pandey. What will Rudra do, will he kill Pandey or find out Swami’s truth? Keep reading.


Samarth abuses Shobha and breaks her trust in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Sarika argues with Samarth about Shobha. She says you can’t control your wife. He says she is my wife, I love her, I m giving her space. He says I was in jail, and I understand no one falls from balcony easily, I know you and how much dirt you have, don’t think to use me, take my advice. She smiles and says I knew this, that he did not change, but why is he acting to be ideal husband, there is something that he is hiding from the world, I have to find out. Tiwari meets Samarth and asks him to help in coming elections. Samarth agrees and is glad that he will get nominated again. Samarth tells about his plans to act good.

Sarika comes and says well done, it’s a good game you are playing, you should have told me, I will support you, we can both get together and manipulate Shobha. Sarika comes to Shobha and says Samarth has changed, I hope the world also sees this. Samarth hurts Vikram, scolds and threatens Vikram losing his temper. Samarth talks about press conference Sarika says its good arrangements, is Shobha ready, will she say the truth. He says she really feels I changed, even others think the same. Shobha tells Vikram says she is giving a chance to Samarth for kids, and even you should give him a chance, he is trying to change a lot. She thinks press conference will be starting now, and tells him.

Vikram says you gave him chance, not forgiven him, you can’t give wrong statement. She says I m in dilemma, I don’t believe he changed, there is no guarantee, Sharda told me to support him. Shobha comes to press conference and gives positive result about Samarth. Shobha says I have forgiven Samarth, he has apologized with honesty, he did mistake, but he did not murder, rape or steal anything, many such people are there, you should question such people, Samarth got the punishment. Samarth says I feel it was a plan of opposition party, forget it now, I just know if my family can forgive me, country can give me a chance. Vikram tells Nani that Samarth is fooling us to make his image good in politics, so he kept the press conference to show he is good man, and I know what will he do with Shobha, he is still a creep, he did not change.

Sarika gets glad and says you played a good game and made Shobha lie. Samarth says she is your Bhabhi. She says about Shobha applying lep to Vikram’s hand, she cares for his pain, not yours. Samarth gets angry. He takes Shobha for lunch, and Shobha asks Samarth why did we come to room when we came for lunch. He gets angry and asks why is she treating him as stranger, we have two kids, we are husband and wife, we have something between us, why do you stay away from me. Samarth asks Shobha does she like someone else, and talks dirty about her and Vikram, what does she get in office that she does not spent time with him, what does she do at office with boss at overtime. She pushes him and asks are you not ashamed to say this. She raises her hand and he holds it. She says you are still the same, a creep.

Samarth comes home. Sarika asks why did he come alone, and tells everything. She says I wanted you to settle down with your wife, so that my and Vikram’s way get cleared, he is my ex BF, I dumped him when he was loser, he is rich now, I want him back now. He is shocked knowing she is after Vikram. Vikram thinks Shobha is always close to her whenever she goes, Samarth does not care for you. He sees Shobha covering herself and leaving. He stops her and asks what happened, answer me. Shobha cries and tells Vikram that he can save her from anything, but can he save her from her husband?

Vikram is shocked knowing Samarth’s actions and gets angry. She says there is no relation, Samarth did not change, my instinct was saying, but I heard you all and thought this is life. Sarika asks Samarth why did he do this. Samarth says I did not do anything wrong, once she comes, she will bend to us and forget Vikram, else I will tell everyone that she has affair with Vikram. Sarika says there is no affair, I was just saying it. He says you are a big fool, its all because of you. Sarika talks to Shobha and asks what happened. Shobha tells everything and is very angry on Samarth, and asks her not to defend Samarth. What will Shobha do now? Keep reading.


Meghan blackmails Aditya to accept her love in Laut Aao Trisha

Meghan sees Kushan playing game. He asks her to join. She says mom was telling you are fine now and acts as mad to escape going back to jail, asks to tell if it is true and she will not tell it to anyone. He is shocked to hear that, but continues playing game. he says his angel loves him and runs from there crying. He also gets emotional and apologizes for not telling her the truth. Amrita suggests Gaurav to take Vivan on a holiday. She gets Kabeer’s call and goes to her room. Trisha gets sad hearing that and goes to her room with tablet. She hears Amrita telling Kabeer that she will resign from CEO position if need be as she is ignoring Trisha and not giving time to her.

Meghan calls Aditya, but gets tensed as his number is not reachable. She thinks whenever she needs him, he is not available for her. Kabeer’s informer meets him and says he investigated and did not find any underworld connection in Pratik’s murder. Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and hears a lady’s voice. She peeps from window and sees Aditya carrying that lady and going into room and calling her Swara. Courier boy comes with Swara’s parcel. Meghan asks him to give parcel to her. He says he cannot. She gives him bribe and takes parcel from him, finds documents in it. Meghan meets Swara’s doctor and shows him report.

He says she is Aditya’s patient and got paralyzed after a car accident. Meghan reaches Aditya’s house and tells Swara that she found papers on road, so she came to give it to her. Swara sees her medical report and says it had to come by courier. She then says she is an orphan, her family died in an accident, Aditya saved her, but she got paralyzed, he is taking care ofMeghan checks Swara’s case history and thinks of meeting her doctor to find out her and Aditya’s relationship. Amrita is about to resign when her secretary gives her design envelope. She gets happy seeing designs and submits them to board.

Lavanya acts as getting annoyed. Aditya asks Meghan why did she pick file from his home. Kabeer makes his staff wear Pratik’s mask and asks them to find out the culprit. Trisha comes on a base camp vacation with Aditya and searches him. Kushan plays hide and seek with Meghan. Aditya comes there. Meghan catches Aditya thinking it is Kushan. Kushan laughs and runs saying she lost it. Gaurav introduces Amrita to an architect who will work on Pratik’s dream project. Architect sees designs and praises that it is work of genius. Lavanya tells directors that Kushan’s doctors wanted him to take out for his better health.

Trisha gets Aditya’s SMS with their meeting location. Aditya is busy decorating her candles and cake before Trisha arrives. Meghan comes there. Aditya asks why did she come here. Meghan says she has read Swara’s medical report and knows he is responsible for her paralysis. Aditya reminisces operating on Swara and giving anesthesia injection in the wrong place, due to which she got paralysis. Meghan says if he does not obey her, whole medical fraternity will now what mistake he did and asks he to come with her before Trisha comes. Meghan happily gets ready and tries to go out of house.

Kushan asks why is she happy. She says she is in love and will get someone soon. Kushan wishes her to be happy and blesses her. Meghan says she loves him. He says he does not and loves Trisha. She says she loves him a lot more than Trisha and he should accept his love for her. She records him telling I love you and she also saying same. She sends that recording. Kushan tells Lavanya that she should concentrate on Meghan along with work. She asks what happened to her. He says she was looking very happy. Aditya comes to hospital. He thinks he cannot meet Trisha and cannot let his patient affected because of his mood, he asks peon to change his name board.

Trisha sees that and asks why he is changing it. He says Aditya will not come today and another doctor will look after his appointment. Meghan comes to Trisha’s room and asks if she was with Aditya. Trisha says she does not know where he is. She asks if he is ignoring her. Trisha says he is busy with his work. Meghan suggests her to invite Aditya for tomorrow’s party. Trisha gets happy. Lavanya comes to Meghan’s room and asks why is she smiling. She asks who is he because of whom she is smiling. Meghan says nothing like that. Meghan asks when will she let him meet. Meghan says when time comes, she will. Will Trisha get to know Meghan’s truth? Keep reading.


Shobha starts trusting Samarth again in Ajeeb Dastaan Hai Yeh

Shobha agrees to let Samarth stay at home and gives him another chance. Samarth gets glad by this decision. obha says family comes first. Sarika gives sweets to Samarth and talks to him. He says I m seeing happiness in your eyes, what is your benefit in this. Sarika thinks you knew it, manipulation is in our blood, you are my elder brother, no one can understand my game. Sarika tells her sad story of losing Abhay, and she does not tell her feelings and pain to anyone. She asks how did he get bail. He says I m Samarth Sachdev and its enough. He says their love has got me back here. Shibha sleeps with the kids and avoids Samarth. Vikram says I can do anything to get smile on your face.

Sarika asks Samarth to stop Shobha from working, and work himself to show the society. She smiles and thinks Shobha won’t have any way to meet Vikram, out of sight and out of mind. She manipulates Shobha. Shobha asks Sarika what is she saying. Sarika says society people are talking bad about Vikram and you, that he loves you. Samarth tries to start a conversation with her, Shobha says she has to leave for work, Samarth says ever since he came, he has been apologizing but never thanked her, and now he thanks for taking care of everyone in his absence and regrets talking rude to her in jail and says that she should quit her job and spend more time at home. Sharda tells the same to Shobha, and she agrees.

Vikram presents a certificate of Excellency in Marketing and a trophy for the Employee of the Month for her sincerity dedication and hard work and asks her to give a victory speech and not a thank you. Shobha gives a thank you speech, and gives her resignation to Vikram and shocks him. He says you are lying to me, what happened to you, do you think I m kid to fool me, you have made us a joke, this job does not need you, as it needs someone who values it. Shobha says this job saved me in bad time, I found myself, if Vikram did not give me job, I would have shattered. Sharda says yes, it changed our lives.

Shobha says I got employee of the month, I did not know I m capable and can do this. Samarth asks her not to leave the job. Shobha meets Vikram and says she wanted t leave job for family, and she is back as Samarth said I m do job. He said I can do anything which can give me happiness, maybe he changed. Vikram doubts on Samarth. Samarth talks to the politician Tiwari. He says you changed, as you are saying I love you to your wife after so many years of marriage. Samarth says yes, I have to, I lie a lot. Samarth says I m acting to love, she believes in emotions and will help me.

Tiwari laughs and says we will try to change your image, will your wife help us in this. Shobha gets hurt and Samarth shows his care. He applies ointment to her hand. He says I m still the same, I always loved you and was mad in love, after I lost you, I realized your value, I don’t want to lose you again. Sarika tells Samarth about Shobha and Vikram’s affair. He slaps her and asks is she not ashamed to ruin Shobha’s name, does she know what Shobha did for them. Sarika gets angry. Sanjay asks Garima to abort the child. Saurabh slaps Sanjay. He says if anything happens to the baby, I will not leave you, how can you give stress to Garima, this baby will come in this world and I will protect it. Vinita smiles and says if anything happens to baby, it will be Sanjay’s mistake, not mine.

Samarth recalls Shobha’s words. He goes to the room and sees Shobha sleeping. He touches Shobha. Vikram says Shobha and wakes up from his sleep. He says I heard some sound, did you see any bad dream. She says no. Samarth thinks he can’t do this, he can get any rape case on him, his career can end, Shobha can help him, he has to act smart and plan things. He sleeps with Reyaan. Shobha comes to him, and thinks he has really changed, maybe you missed him, did jail change your priorities. Will Samarth break Shobha’s trust again?


Maya and Rudra land in Swami’s ji ashram in Mahakumbh

Swami ji hires Pandey and his goons to find Rudra and kill Maai Mui. Maai says I have left everything after you died, and then Rudra came and I started living, I don’t know he has much burden on his heart, he is Lord’s avatar, I don’t want him to stay in cemetery. Rudra comes and asks why, this cemetery gave me life, this is my home. Maai says I have a wish, that you take home on rent, get married and I play with your kids, when I die, you do my last rites. Rudra says enough. Maai asks can’t I joke, who do I have expect you, you love me so much. She sends him to Maya. He sees Yadav goons angrily. The goons see the anger on his face. Yadav says he has come for this girl. The goons gather to beat Rudra.

Rudra beats them all cleanly and with less efforts, with all smart moves and still keeping angry expressions on his face. He looks at Yadav. Yadav sees all goons fallen. Rudra walks to him. Rudra slaps him which shakes his vision. Rudra beats him up. He sees some goons after Maai’s life and runs to save her. Maai comes to an open place and falls down. The men catch her and aim trishuls at her. She is stunned seeing them. They kill her. Pandey comes there and Pandey tells Maai that he will kill her to get peace. Maai is in her last breath and Rudra talks to her. Rudra and Maya rush to rescue Maai Mui but they fail to save her. He agrees to Maya to go Allahabad with her.

Rudra looks on. Mai Mui’s death leaves them traumatized. Rudra learns about Pandey’s misdeed. Rudra recalls Maai’s last words and Udiya’s death was to save him. He recalls Pandey’s name. The scene shifts to Poland. Grierson says its time to leave now Shivanand, I knew you will bend one day, all Indians are so emotional. Shivanand says emotions are our strength. He shows Rao’s statements. Grierson asks about the protectors, and how they look, and how will they find the Amrit. . Shivanand thinks he has spend 24 years here but I m coming to meet you my son. Rudra and Maya leave in the boat. he priest tells Shivanand that he is going home after 24 hours, he respects that he did not break by their torture.

Shivanand says it was commendable what you tried on me. Swami initiates the Mahakumbh by playing the Shank. Rudra and Maya leave for Allahabad an come to train station. Shivanand is being brought India. Swami makes a flag fly. Rudra is in train and recalls Maai’s love for him, and her care towards him always. He cries recalling Maai and then Udiya, and his childhood years spent with them. He recalls their deaths and how he has done their last rites.Rao calls Charles and says I have given you a girl’s pic, she is coming to Allahabad by train, just steal her luggage. Charles says don’t worry, send me details and job will be done. Rao sends the details. Charles fools te girl Katherine and steals her bag.

Maya goes to Rudra and asks him to get over this, how long will be suppress the burden in his heart. Rudra says till I get revenge for Maai Mui’s death. A man is scared and says Thapadiya Maai. She slaps Katherine, and scolds her speaking in foul language. The TT says this means Thapadiya. She goes to slap Maya. Rudra holds her hand and looks in her eyes. Thapadiya Maai moves Maya and sits beside Rudra. Katherine says please help me, the bag has my passport. Rudra stops Charles and a chase begins in the train. Charles falls and Rudra catches him. They fight. Charles pulls his shirt and sees the sign on his back. He says wait, you are my friend, wait. Rudra beats him. Charles asks did he not identify him.

He takes his wallet and Rudra is about to kick him, and stops seeing the half note. He recalls his friend Charles and the half note. Charles asks did you identify the Hamilton Papa, Mahabali Rudra, and gives his hand. Rudra holds his hand and hugs him. Rudra says you are still in wrong things. Charles says I missed you a lot, everything will be fine now as I got my friend. He says don’t trap friend for a girl, and runs with the bag. Katherine says what will I do without my bag. Maya takes them all with her to Swami ji’s place. He greets him saying Mama ji, and Rudra looks on. Swami ji is glad seeing Rudra. Will Rudra find out about the Mahakumbh secret? Keep reading.


Shivanand agrees to come India to meet Rudra in Mahakumbh

Maai asks Rudra to apologize to Maya defending her. Maya attends a seminar at her college by Dr. A P G Rao. He says people don’t know and explains about Jellyfish rebuilding cell capability and that can be called immortality, and scientists trying to stop cell deformation, and they can try to take humanity towards immortality. He says about Amrit Manthan. Rudra walks to them. Rao says protectors are born in 144 years and they have powers to fight the evil powers. Maya asks who are they, can we identify them. Rudra comes there and Maya asks him to go. She meets him in canteen and few guys tease her.

Rudra rages but she manages to send him off to stop creating any issue at her college. Rudra apologizes to her and they start getting friendly. She says there is one thing, you are interesting, you don’t know to apologize, and don’t talk, you don’t know whats friendship. Rudra takes out the half note and recalls Charles. Charles is also seeing the other part of the note. Maya asks Rudra to come with her to Allahabad. She says we all will go. Rudra recalls the Mahakunbh and losing his dad. He says many things against Mahakumbh, it takes away loved ones, ruin lives, it gives lifelong wounds to people, its not good, as sin is there where there is goodness. Rudra shouts shut up, and scolds her, he says I will kill you if you try coming close to me and my Maai Mui.

He shouts on her and comes home in bad mood. Rudra says I m not hungry and lies down covering himself in anger. She asks what happened, and sees him shaking. She asks what happened again. He says we are not related to that girl, she was talking about taking us to Allahabad, I will never leave you, and hugs her. He tells Maai about Maya. Maai gets worried seeing Rudra’s anger and meets Maya telling her about Rudra’s hatred and pain in his heart after losing his family. Rudra tells Maai that he will never leave her. Maai tells Maya about Rudra disliking Mahakumbh. Maya apologizes to Rudra and he ignores her. She scolds him saying you feel bad happened just with you, and tells her story.

Rudra looks at her stunned, as she gets asthma attack while shouting on him. Rudra helps her as the pump falls, and she inhales it. Pandey gets to know Swami’s plan and talks to Grierson. He says he knows about Rudra and he can help him. Grierson asks him to send some proof of Rudra’s existence. Pandey agrees thinking to get some amount from Grierso. The goons tease Maya again, and Rudra beats them up. His hands bleed and Pandey takes it on his kerchief and sends it for DNA. He takes some pics of Rudra and sends to Grierson. He thinks Pandey has damaged my eye for that Rudra, I will get that Rudra and I will take revenge from Swami ji for my insult. Pandey tells about APG Rao.

Swami ji asks Rao which ghats did he choose for his project. Rao says the sectors. Swami ji says you can choose any ghat by your wish, but not this Ganga ghat, it has devotion of people and its under our centre. Rao says govt has given us all freedom and we have chosen these three sectors. Swami ji says the final decision will be taken by collector, I will go myself to meet him. Rao says fine, I don’t have any problem. three sectors. Grierson tells Shivanand about his son Rudra in India and shows the pics and DNA. He says as I have not met my son since 24 years and locked here since 12 years, you feel I believe he is dead, I know my Rudra is alive. He says I don’t need to know this from you, and about finding him, I don’t trust you. The doctor says this DNA matches with Shivanand, and its more powerful. It’s a unique DNA, like that of a superhero.

Pandey gets Grierson’s call. Grierson says you did the work. Pandey is glad as Grierson hires him, and Swami should not know that he is working for him now. Pandey says I swear. Pandey comes to Swami. Swami gives him an imp work. Pandey says command me. Swami says you have to go Banaras, the target is not Rudra and someone else, this time don’t make any mistake. Pandey says think the work is done. Shivanand agrees to come India with him to meet his son, after finding the DNA report right. Shivanand says this Mahakumbh is of 144 years, if Amrit appears, it will be in this Mahakumbh, I m ready to support you. Will Shivanand be able to save Rudra? Keep reading.