Characters on TV are all inspired from real life: Shalini Arora

Actress Shalini Arora, who is currently seen as Badi Mami/Asha Solanki in Colors’ popular show Ek Shringar Swabhimaan (Rajshri Productions) gets to essay many shades in her role, as the story of the popular daily progresses with each episode.
It’s always a pleasure for an actor to portray different shades, and the lovely actress is thoroughly enjoying it.
In a candid chat with, she shared with us, “The change in Asha’s behavior is only because of her son Vishal (Karan Singhmar), who is her weakness. She wants him to settle down and she doesn’t want anything else nor is she greedy about anything. She has always shared a good equation with Sharda (Prachee Shah Pandya) but the situations have bought negativity in her life, which is now turned into hatred. I believe that such kind of characters exist in real life too because somewhere, these characters are inspired from real life.
“There are many families who fight over such little things. It affects a mother to see her son putting in all his savings for his cousin sisters’ wedding. So it’s quite genuine and it’s a story of every household,” she added.
Talking about her character graph and the response from the audience, she continued, “My character has taken a good graph. She is very straight forward person. She believes that Sharda has brought unhappiness in her life and she is out to avenge it. The audience likes my graph and they love the way I am portraying it. I get applauded and praised for my role. I have to take the character to that level else it won’t excite the audience. It’s been a very nice experience so far. Each and every character in the show is going good and they have been built up very nicely.”
Shalini also feels happy to have co-stars who are like family. She shared with us, “It’s been a very nice bonding with everyone on sets. We might fight off-screen and then rush to have our lunch together (laughs). Everybody is so positive and warm here, which is just beautiful. I share a family like relation with everyone here on sets.”
Keep up the good work, Shalini.