Ex Bigg-Boss contestant, Bobby Darling underwent sex change before getting MARRIED..!

The actress took her wedding vows earlier this year..

Life has certainly not been easy for actress, Bobby Darling. Apart from being an anomaly in the society and facing a lot of flak, Bobby also had several failed relationships and heartbreaks in the past.

Years ago, when Bobby participated in the inaugural season of ‘Bigg Boss’, she mentioned about how she is trying to raise some money in order to undergo a sex change operation.

And now, after a wait of several years, Bobby finally managed to do so. According to a report in a leading news daily, Bobby underwent a sex reassignment surgery in Bangkok. And that did not happen just right now. Standing by Bobby as a rock solid support, was her husband Ramnik Sharma.

Yes, Bobby Darling is now MARRIED.

She got married to her long time boyfriend Ramnik Sharma, who is a Bhopal based road contractor. And it did not happen recently. In fact, the couple got married several months ago, back in February. However, they choose to keep the marriage under wraps.

Bobby mentioned that she met Ramnik on a social networking website and soon after getting to know each other; one thing led to another and before they realized their relationship culminated into married. She also said how her husband was initially uncomfortable with being in the media glare.

Bobby was also candid while saying that she actually took a gamble with Ramnik after several heartbreaks. In fact he was also the first guy in her life to propose to her about marriage.

Bobby underwent many changes before the D-Day. Apart from her sex reassignment surgery, she even changed her name to Pakhi Sharma.

The duo got married in Arya Samaj Mandir and their marriage is legally registered in Bhopal. They even flew down to Singapore for their honeymoon, where they had some great time together.

On the work front, Bobby is very clear about the kind of roles that she wishes to do now. She was quoted as saying that as she now is a complete woman, she refuses to play something that she is not (homosexual or gay). After enacting several characters of that pattern, Bobby mentioned that she would now like to play a heroine or even a bhabhi (sister-in-law).

She concluded by saying that she is still open to doing reality shows.

We wish Bobby loads of congratulations and a great future ahead!