EXCLUSIVE: Shaurya to CHANGE himself completely for Mehek in ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek’!

Realization and acceptance will lead to a change in Shaurya..

The current drama in ‘Zindagi Ki Mahek’ is building up to something huge. The viewers recently saw Shaurya (Karan Vohra) getting injured in an attempt to save Mehek (Samiksha Jaiswal) from Ajay and Rohit.

But that’s not all!

Things will change completely as Mehek would spot Ajay running towards Shaurya to stab him with a broken bottle.

And the next thing the viewers would know is Mehek’s sacrifice for Shaurya by getting stabbed herself, thus saving the man!

A baffled Shaurya will rush Mehek to the hospital and will be tensed about her health.

However, this will be a realization period for Shaurya as he would go down the memory lane and feel nostalgic about all the past incidents and memories he shared with Mehek. He would also realize that Mehek is indeed perfect for him and that she sacrificed her life to save his.

Shaurya will then decide to get rid of his arrogance and be a gentleman for Mehek.

Are you excited about this track?