Here’s how actress Mahhi Vij responded on being MOLESTED

The actress faced a situation at a nightclub where she was groped…

Actress Mahhi Vij recently faced an unanticipated occurrence, when a molester tried to grope her at a nightclub.

According to reports, it so happened that Mahhi along with husband, Jay Bhanushali were at a nightclub when the man groped her from behind.

Trying to soak it in for a moment, Mahhi immediately retaliated and gave the guy a tight slap. While this incident happened on her way back from the washroom, Mahhi decided to punish the guy even further. She rushed to Jay and asked him to confront the guy.

However, by the time they came back, the man had run away. Because of this, they couldn’t lodge a police complaint as he remained unidentified.

We are glad the actress did not sit quiet and gave the man a piece of her mind.