International Astrology Day: TV celebs talk about their beliefs in Astrology

Mumbai: Astrology – The moon affects the tides, the sun controls our seasons and the stars influence us on a micro-level. Everyone who has experienced the power of this meta-physical science believes in it. It’s a pithy statement with simple credibility, which makes the quick step in deductive logic easy to miss.

We are beings tend to link this to how our life shapes up and as soon as we are faced with problems, we, as mango beings consult a ‘jyotish’ – A word derived from jyoti (light) and Ishwar (God). Astrology is considered to be a divine science not only by us but a lot of our industry folks as well. From businessmen to cricketers, politicians and Bollywood biggies…

If we have to name a few, we have the Ambani’s, Bachchan’s , M.S Dhoni and ofcourse, the Queen of TV soaps – Ekta Kapoor! She is a staunch believer of astrology and various interviews and media reports state of how she makes sure all her numbers come up to a total of 3, 6 or 9 and likes her soap opera names starting with ‘K’ – Kaisa Ye Pyaar Hai, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, Khaani Ghar Ghar Ki..

Vastu Shastra, Feng Shui, Tarot Card; different name but the purpose is the same. To predict what the future beholds. To bring good will and prosperity in ones life.

Somewhere or the other, we all have been superstitious and have also looked up the newspaper or surfed the net to see our zodiac predictions; some follow it whole heartedly and some follow to an extent.

The stunning telly town celebs are no different.

As we celebrate International Astrology Day today (20 March), the stunning and charming tinsel town lovelies get a little chatty and share how dedicatedly they follow the stars and weather they believe in astrology or not.

This is what they had to share…

Shrenu Parikh – As a kid I used to follow those newspaper columns. But not anymore. I believe in astrology but I prefer living in the moment and not predicting future; as when you start predicting you start expecting and not focusing on the present.

Mohit Malik – I do believe in astrology to an extent. But to think of it, the whole life is a mystery and no one knows what really would happen at the very next moment. I am spiritual and I do believe in spirituality but yes, I maintain a thin line between belief and astrology.

Hiten Tejwani – During the college I used to practice palmistry. I used to read the hands of girls and tell them how many babies will they have and that they would end up having to marriages etc…They found it very enthralling! I used to gain a lot of female attention. It was all in good humour but frankly speaking, I don’t believe in astrology. What has to happen has to happen, so why worry about the future?

Aishwarya Sakhuja – During my college days, I used to read newspapers and follow colours. It helped me alot. Also, I had a cousin of mine who read my palm and told me that I have a star in my hand which meant that I would attain stardom and fame. I do believe in the cosmic energy but do not get enough time to follow it properly. But I’d love to shell out sometime and follow the colours favourable for me.

Ravi Dubey – For me astrology is hypothesis, possibility the mind creates and the study of the cosmic pattern. The information is not absolute science that you can rely on completely but it is not even incorrect. I would definitely do as suggested but with a different approach as sitting back has never helped anyone. I am the creator of my own fortune.

We wish all the readers of tellycolors International Astrology Day!