“Kangana Ranaut is right, all these award ceremonies are a big sham”…

Says actor Akshay Dogra as he gets candid with India Forums about how the industry has gone from giving money more importance over skills.

While randomly browsing through social media this morning, I came across a lengthy post by actor Akshay Dogra, who wrote about how the TV industry had substantially changed fWe got in touch with Akshay and here’s what he said, “Nothing per say got me riled up or compelled me to write this post. But what did bother me was the fact of not being nominated in any of the recent award shows. Because the kind of work that I have done in my last few shows (Do Dil Ek Jaan, Waaris), I kind of felt like I should have at least been nominated. Ms. Kangana Ranaut is actually right about award shows – they are all a sham. Most people do not deserve the awards they get. That’s why it’s a sham, having said that there are some who deserve the awards and actually do win. But mostly it’s all for show.”

“I just felt the need to let people out there, including budding actors know that its not all hunky dory here in the industry. I am not on a crusade or something, but it’s important for all to know the reality. I came into the industry at a time where skill was given more importance over money making. And there is disappointment on a daily basis when your work is not acknowledged. Its sad but that’s how the industry has become now,” said Akshay.

So is there a hint of nepotism here in this situation? To this Akshay replied, “See there is no such thing as nepotism for TV. The TV industry can’t have nepotism. I am an introvert and I rely on my work and skills to speak for me. But the thing in this industry is that need to socialise and make friends. I’ve been down that part and tried really hard but I can’t go out and fake a smile.”

The actor also went on to reveal, “I had tried to be myself and let my work speak for me. But when that stopped happening, people expected me to go out and socialise and ask for work. Some people have that kinda brain to get their work done somehow and some people are simply artists who expect their work to speak volumes. Out there, its like “yaar isko jaante hai chalo le lete hai show mein.”

Akshay feels that he’d rather be out in search of quality work and not push himself on other people, “I have tried to go out and get accustomed to this socialising trend, but found it fake. I’d rather do minimal but quality work than push myself on people or butter them up to give me work.”

Akshay does have a valid point here, doesn’t he?rom the time when he entered the industry.