“I have been lucky to break out of my image of a bahu,” says Hina Khan

Hina Khan talks about breaking her ‘ideal bahu’ image and how both daily soaps and reality shows have their own charm.

It is indeed quite difficult to break out of an image that a daily soap like Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai can bind you with. And, if an actress has been seen in a show for as long as 8 years, it sure is a task to break out of her character’s image.

However, we saw Hina Khan in Khatron Ke Khiladi: Pain In Spain this year, and she has successfully managed to break through all the stereotypes surrounding her.

Talking about the same, Hina stated, “I have been lucky enough that I could break out of my image and I wasn’t stereotyped. After doing a show for 8 years, I could still get out of it. People do a show for 4 years and still don’t break out of their image.”

“It was very easy for me to break that image to an extent, and people accepted me in a new light in Khatron Ke Khiladi: Pain In Spain. They are liking me and know me better now,” she added.

We also asked her what is more satisfying as an artist, doing a reality show or a daily, to which she said, “I think both of them have their own set of fun. The best part about reality shows or for that matter, any short term show is that they are something where you do work also, earn a certain amount of money as well, and then you get time to relax as well.”

“A Daily soap is something which is never ending, and the fact that you’re asking me, I think I have quite some experience. So yes, there is some monotony that kicks in. But, that also has its own charm. Also, I don’t think that anything can help you gain popularity like a daily soap. I won’t deny the fact that you can be as visible on any show as a daily, but if you’ve been a part of a daily soap, that works positively for you and you can then take a call to do a couple of reality shows or take a break and then do reality shows,” she added.