What makes Chidiya Ghar so different from other comedy shows?

Find out what is Chidiya Ghar’s next track.

The reason why SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar is different from other comedy shows is that it not only tickles our funny bone but also brings to light a social message.

The show has time and again presented social issues faced by the country and this time again, as people queue up outside ATM’s and banks due to demonetization, the makers have decided to roll out a track focusing on the day to day problems faced by the people due to the decision by the Prime Minister.

Kapi will soon visit the railway station to buy a train ticket with the old notes and he would then, however, be refused the sale of tickets. Chidiya Ghar will progress to showing his struggle due to the currency change and how his life is affected.

Since a lot of people have been burning their black money, the show will also present to the viewers how he finds a suitcase set on fire on the railway platform.