Nia Sharma’s Summer Get-Away is absolutely envious!

Check out these drool-worthy vacation snaps!

Nia Sharma is on what looks like a solo trip to Maldives. The actress’s dreamy vacation is an envy-inducing affair and we cannot get enough of it! From what we saw, her get-away involved crystal blue waters, stunning swimsuit moments and a bunch of fun water sport videos.

Don’t you wish your vacation looked as happening as this?

Here’s what our vacation goals look like –

Nia Sharma has quite an adventurous streak. She took on water sports like the badass she is and the results are cool candid shots. Turns out jet-skiing is totally her thing.

The thrill didn’t end there. The daring diva tried her hand at flyboarding as well! Add this to your vacation bucket list.

She shared some stunning pictures of herself in a blue swimsuit to raise the hotness quotient on her vacation.

Turning green with envy yet?