OMG! India’s Next Top Model contestant almost drowns after falling from the floating ramp!

India’s Next Top Model contestant, Jantee almost drowns as she walks down a floating ramp…’

The road to modeling isn’t that easy after all! India’s Next Top Model contestants are getting a taste of this tough world on the show. In the upcoming episode, contestants will be walking down a floating ramp in a swimming pool, where the girls will be showcasing their skill of balancing themselves.

When Jantee Hazarika, an Assam-based model stepped on the ramp, little did anybody know that the dusky beauty would slip into the pool and will not be able to keep herself afloat. Jantee did not know how to swim and within a minute of stepping on the ramp, Jantee lost her balance and slipped into the pool. Other contestants struggled to save Jantee as she tried to stay afloat. Seeing this, the show’s producer Monia jumped into the water to save her from drowning.

A source close to the sets said, “We knew Jantee couldn’t swim, but little did we know that she would not be able to balance herself on the floating ramp. Monia, who is the show’s producer, jumped into the pool without thinking twice and saved Jantee from drowning.”