I QUIT Jamai Raja; was not THROWN OUT- Seema Pandey

The actress sheds some light on the whole controversy of her being ‘thrown out’ of her show overnight.

Actress Seema Pandey grabbed headlines recently, when she was all over the media for being Thrown Out’ of Jamai Raja for having a lot of complaints and issues. But that is not what the whole issue is. When we got in touch with the actress, she had a completely different story to tell us.

“I was not thrown out of the show, overnight. In fact, I gracefully served my notice period and quit the show. The talks were on from the past two month since the leap in the show.” said Seema. We probed her as to why did she want to quit to which she said, “I was unhappy with how my track was shaping up. They wanted me to play a grandmother and I was not really on board with the idea. I still agreed to do it because they promised me that my hair would not be grayed and I would be called Dida. Hence I agreed.”

She went on, “They then decided to put me on a wheelchair and I agreed to do it because as an actor, I was immensely attached to the show. The makers promised me that this track would not last more than a month, as they would incorporate a twist that would show Satya (Ravi Dubey) do something drastic to put me out of the wheelchair. But that track too did not materialize for two months and it was getting extremely inconvenient for me to manage that way.”

The actress also sent us a screenshot of her conversation with the creative director Neeraj where she had asked him to kindly wind up her character gracefully’, as proof. And she even received an official mail that her request to quit was adhered to by the production house.

Show producer Meenakshi Sagar too stated, “We mutually agreed to part ways and all is good between us.”

“It was a mutual decision to quit Jamai Raja and the whole team was aware that I was serving my notice. God knows who told the media that I was thrown out. I request the media to at least make efforts to get to the depth of the story and not rely on such sources who give them incomplete information,” saying so, the actress signed off.