Saath Nibhana Saathiya: Kokila reveals to Gopi about Jaggi being her step son!

Check out Naiya’s ‘Open Challenge’ to Vidya…

Naiya has been trying hard to create differences between Dharam and Meera in Star Plus show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. She has been using Ritesh to create differences amid Meera and Dharam and quite evidently, Dharam is falling in Naiya’s trap.

In the upcoming episodes, Naiya will be seen giving an open challenge to Vidya to save her sister’s relationship under the influence of her vicious plan.

A source informs, “While Naiya will ideate on her remorseless tactics, Vidya will try her best to save Dharam and Meera’s relationship. She will also warn Meera to be alert and not get manipulated by Naiya.”

Subsequent to this, we have seen Jaggi leaving the Modi Bhavan. In the episodes ahead, Gopi, Kokila and Urmila will all get tensed finding Jaggi go missing and will try to find about his whereabouts. However, the trio will breathe a sigh of relief when Jaggi eventually returns.

Gopi will be seen scolding Jaggi for being careless and the situation will clearly hint that the lady has developed feelings for the latter. Watching her get so worried for Jaggi will be a serious concern for Kokila and she will decide to bring forth the true face of Jaggi!

Kokila will then confide in Gopi that the man for whom she holds a stature as that of Ahem is actually her step-son which will leave Gopi stunned!

Let’s see what new twist awaits us in the future episodes!

Stay tuned!