Salman Khan has a WEIRD reaction to Manveer Gurjar’s martital status!!

This is perplexing, coming from the host of Bigg Boss 10…

The Bigg Boss 10 winner Manveer Gurjar captured the nation’s heart with his conduct and mannerisms in the house. Post the grand finale Bigg Boss fans got quite a few shockers like the pay-scale disparity between the celebrities and the commoners, the threat of a last minute scandal and then the perplexing marital status of the winner. Amongst these we see a new theory cropping up…

We have already seen the videos and pictures of Manveer Gurjar’s marriage going viral. But, what’s even more interesting is the Bigg Boss host’s reaction to this debacle. Salman Khan seems like the only one who isn’t exactly taken aback by this news. The actor did not show any signs of shock or anger, he instead, received the news as something he already knew.

We cannot help but wonder, was Salman in this? Meanwhile, fans and co-contestants alike, were astounded as they began to think back and make mental links wondering whether Nitibha and any of the other contestants knew about it!
While the final verdict is clouded in both mysteries and possibilities, we cannot get over the host himself keeping mum over the whole matter.