Shivaay’s quest for truth to leave him heartbroken in ‘Ishqbaaaz’!

How will Anika handle him now?

After the exit of Baby Pari, Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz will finally move in the direction the audience have been expecting for long – the reunion of Shivaay and Anika.
It can be recalled that Pinky blackmails Anika to leave Shivaay or else she would tell him that he is not her (Pinky) son. And hence, Anika uses Omkara to annoy Shivaay to an extent that Shivaay throws Anika out of the Oberoi mansion.
It also turns out that Anika had got herself thrown out from the Oberoi mansion by Shivaay after planning the same with Omkara.
Now, it will so happen that Rudra and Omkara will convince Shivaay to patch up with Anika. Furthermore, Rudra will tell Shivaay that they have forgotten a particular thing that Anika had mentioned. This makes Shivaay suspicious as to whether there was an even bigger reason for Anika to break up with him?
Shivaay will quiz Anika but the latter will avoid confrontation and hence, Shivay will get her food laced with bhang so that she opens up about the fact she has been hiding. However, even in a tipsy condition, Anika will try to refrain from confessing as to why she left him.
After Shivay coaxing Anika alot, Anika will be unable to hold herself back and will spill out the truth about him (Shivaay) being the illegitimate child and that Pinky blackmailed her to leave him (Shivaay) or else she would reveal the truth. Anika will also go on to confess her love to him but as the drama always has a tinge of comedy. Shivaay would fall asleep.
Will Shivaay remember Anika’s words when he awakens? Or will Anika have to find another way to tell Shivaay the truth?