Stand-Up comedians are FURIOUS about a ‘senior’ comedian’s remarks on a TV show!

The remarks did not go down too well with the younger lot.

For the past couple of days, the talk of the town has been the popular comedian, Sunil Pal’s remarks on a debate in a TV show.

It so happened that Sunil was invited to discuss censor board chief, Pahlaj Nihalani’s reservation against the use of the word ‘intercourse’ in an upcoming film.

While everyone else had their own take to it, Sunil ended up slamming younger comics for the usage of sexual references in their gigs. Going on to say a lot about the issue, it was inevitable to have a response.

Several comedians have been enraged about the saga and while the clips are doing the rounds online, popular comedians and writers, Vir Das and Tanmay Bhat (All India Bakchod) have expressed their take.

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