Suraj vows to ‘MURDER’ Kamal Narayan, will ‘Strangulate’ him in Udaan!

Suraj will arrange a small surprise party for Chakor

Colors’ Udaan will soon bring in a new twist after which Chakor will loose all hopes to fight for justice!

As per the track, Chakor has gone to Delhi for Asian Games, where Suraj follows her as he is concerned about her safety. Chakor and Suraj have gradually developed mutual admiration and have even got married as a part of a particular celebration in a village.

However, things do not go as per planning and Kamal Narayan slays his evilness by falsely alleging her for being a drug addict. Chakor will have her title taken back from the acclaimed sports event, leaving her devastated.

Chakor will then go missing (she would probably be wanting some ‘alone time’) leaving Suraj worked up. Suraj will run helter-skelter in search of his lady love but will not be able to locate her. Soon, when Chakor is back, Suraj will arrange for a small surprise party for her win over being proved innocent for the alleged charges of drug consumption.

Suraj will call Chakor’s family over and together, they will make the moment special with a cake, decorations, and a special gift.

But the ‘picture-perfect’ moment will soon be interrupted when Kamal Narayan will make an entry and will again blackmail Chakor that he will confirm that she resorted to vices. A furious Suraj will hence try to strangulate Kamal Narayan by announcing that he will commit murder!