This upcoming Colors show slammed with a NOTICE which will make it…

Undergo a title change and no one expected that!

Colors is all set to roll the detective drama, Dev Anand starring Ashish Chowdhry in the lead role. However, with just a week left for its launch, the show has faced a major hurdle.

According to a report in Bombay Times, the family of the legendary actor, the Late Dev Anand slammed a notice on the channel expressing his irk on the title. And according to sources, it came as a surprise to the makers that naming the show Dev Anand would be such a problem.

After a lot of discussions, the makers have renamed the show to only Dev. But, this has cost the show’s launch to be pushed by a week.

Ashish mentioned about how he can understand that his family has reservations, but the show is a tribute to the actor.

He also mentioned of how he changed his name on his micro-blogging site to Dev Anand Burman and may have to change that too now.