Vikas and Luv fight bad, Puneesh throws chappals at Akash in Bigg Boss

It is said that anger makes one’s mouth work faster than the mind – a thought that perfectly captures the current mood inside the Bigg Boss House. Gharwale are now clearly divided in two groups, with each clan trying to outwit the other by any means possible. Contestants are now resorting to underhanded ways of stealing, swearing and much more!
Vikas is upset that his daily hit of caffeine is missing and Captain of the house Hiten tries his best to look for it in every nook and corner of the house. Taking things in his own hands, Vikas goes around asking everyone about it, even accusing Priyank of stealing it. While hunting for his coffee, he comes across a missing box of muesli that was thought to be lost. Funnily enough, this was found amidst Hina’s things. Accusations run high as he raises this to Captain Hiten; and Luv jumps in on the defense. Vikas and Luv fight it out as the whole house watches them in disarray.
Things seem to heat up much further as Puneesh and Akash start arguing over breakfast. In a fit of anger Puneesh throws food that was cooking on the stove. Both he and Akash continue flaring at each other and Puneesh then threatens to physically harm Akash; to the point that he removes his footwear to throw at his former friend. Gharwale intervene in the nick of time, but it seems that this friendship is now permanently ruined and Puneesh vows to take this enmity between them even beyond the walls of Bigg Boss 11.