Was scared to play a character who fakes blindness: Seemarekha actress Alivia Sarkar

According to the ongoing track, Alivia’s character Tiya Bose has returned to take revenge on Jeet (Abhishek Bose) and is pretending to be blind in front of everyone.

When asked if she is happy with the way her character has shaped up, she said to tellycolors, ‘I am loving Tiya Bose now. I have done a huge workshop to justify my role. At home, I am doing a lot of things by closing my eyes just to get the movements right. Every day, I am getting a new challenge and I am accepting it with a smile.’

‘Portraying the role of a blind person is tough but to play the role of someone who is not blind but is pretending to be one is the toughest. I have tried to justify my role in every possible way. I have gained confidence and am trying to do well,’ added the actress.

But Alivia was initially scared of taking up this challenge.

She shared, ‘My track was off for two months. Just a few days before my reentry, I got to know that Tiya will come back as blind. I got scared and my friends knew how nervous I was. I thought either this will make me a good actor or will spoil my career…but finally, it’s getting great response…I am a person who is never satisfied with her work, but I loved the scene where it gets revealed that Tiya Bose is not blind and is plotting more conspiracies.’

Thanking the makers of the soap, the actress said, ‘I am really thankful to the channel team, and writer for believing in me. Though it’s a huge challenge, but thanks a lot for throwing it to me… I am improving.’

Alivia was previously seen in shows like Jhanj Lobongo Phool and Milon Tithi.