Woah! This Bollywood actor DELAYED a reality show shoot by Five Hours!

The unit was left with no choice but to wait for the actor..

Coming too late on sets is something every actor faces, courtesy, various reasons. While it is only normal that such a thing happens, it can get irksome if the shoot is stalled for a long period of time.

And such a thing recently happened on the sets of ‘The Voice India 2.’

According to a leading news daily, Bollywood icon, Govinda was supposed to be coming on the sets of the show to promote his upcoming film, ‘Aa Gaya Hero.’

However, it so happened that Govinda arrived five hours late and hence some acts of the show had to be scrapped. The actor was scheduled to arrive at 11 a.m., but he delayed his call-time to 1 pm a night before.

Understanding the actor’s concern, the makers complied but the next thing they knew is that Govinda did not come at 1 pm too and they had to shoot half of the episode without him.

After missing out on Team Benny’s performances and some more, the actor apparently arrived.